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Save all Control+S
Synchronize Control+Alt+Y
Maximize/minimize editor Control+Shift+F12
Add to favorites Alt+Shift+F
Inspect current file with current profile Alt+Shift+I
Quick switch scheme Control+`
Open settings dialogue Control+Alt+S
Open project structure dialog Control+Alt+Shift+S
Switch between tabs and tool window Control+Tab

Navigating and Searching Within Studio

Search everything (including code and menus) Shift twice
Find Control+F
Find next F3
Find previous Shift+F3
Replace Control+R
Find action Control+Shift+A
Search by symbol name Control+Alt+Shift+N
Find class Control+N
Find file (instead of class) Control+Shift+N
Find in path Control+Shift+F
Open file structure pop-up Control+F12
Navigate between open editor tabs Alt+/
Jump to source F4/Control+Enter
Open current editor tab in new window Shift+F4
Recently opened files pop-up Control+E
Recently edited files pop-up Control+Shift+E
Go to last edit location Control+Shift+Backspace
Close active editor tab Control+F4
Return to editor window from a tool window Esc
Hide active or last active tool window Shift+Esc
Go to line Control+G
Open type hierarchy Control+H
Open method hierarchy Control+Shift+H
Open call hierarchy Control+Alt+H

Writing Code

Generate code (getters, setters, constructors, hashCode/equals, toString, new file, new class) Alt+Insert
Override methods Control+O
Implement methods Control+I
Surround with (if...else / try...catch / etc.) Control+Alt+T
Delete line at caret Control+Y
Collapse/expand current code block Control+-/+
Collapse/expand all code blocks Control+Shift+-/+
Duplicate current line or selection Control+D
Basic code completion Control+Spacebar
Smart code completion (filters the list of methods and variables by expected type) Control+Shift+Spacebar
Complete statement Control+Shift+Enter
Quick documentation lookup Control+Q
Show parameters for selected method Control+P
Go to declaration (directly) Control+B or Control+Click
Go to implementations Control+Alt+B
Go to super-method/super-class Control+U
Open quick definition lookup Control+Shift+I
Toggle project tool window visibility Alt+1
Toggle bookmark F11
Toggle bookmark with mnemonic Control+F11
Comment/uncomment with line comment Control+/
Comment/uncomment with block comment Control+Shift+/
Select successively increasing code blocks Control+W
Decrease current selection to previous state Control+Shift+W
Move to code block start Control+[
Move to code block end Control+]
Select to the code block start Control+Shift+[
Select to the code block end Control+Shift+]
Delete to end of word Control+Delete
Delete to start of word Control+Backspace
Optimize imports Control+Alt+O
Project quick fix (show intention actions and quick fixes) Alt+Enter
Reformat code Control+Alt+L
Auto-indent lines Control+Alt+I
Indent/unindent lines Tab/Shift+Tab
Smart line join Control+Shift+J
Smart line split Control+Enter
Start new line Shift+Enter
Next/previous highlighted error F2/Shift+F2

Build and Run

Build Control+F9
Build and run Shift+F10
Apply changes (with Instant Run) Control+F10


Debug Shift+F9
Step over F8
Step into F7
Smart step into Shift+F7
Step out Shift+F8
Run to cursor Alt+F9
Evaluate expression Alt+F8
Resume program F9
Toggle breakpoint Control+F8
View breakpoints Control+Shift+F8


Copy F5
Move F6
Safe delete Alt+Delete
Rename Shift+F6
Change signature Control+F6
Inline Control+Alt+N
Extract method Control+Alt+M
Extract variable Control+Alt+V
Extract field Control+Alt+F
Extract constant Control+Alt+C
Extract parameter Control+Alt+P

Version Control / Local History

Commit project to VCS Control+K
Update project from VCS Control+T
View recent changes Alt+Shift+C
Open VCS popup Alt+`
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