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Connect an audio Bible to BibleQuote

Download audio Bible for the program BibleQuote | Audio Bible online in Russian | Audio Bible online in other languages

How to connect audio files to the program BibleQuote

  1. Download the above files, unpack, you will get the folder folder Sounds
  2. drop it into the BibleQuote folder (this is the program folder, if you did not rename it).

Independently connect audio files

  1. In the BibleQuote folder where the program is located, you must create Subfolder Sounds,
  2. In the Sounds folder, create folders: for the New Testament - 40, 41, ..., 66 according to the books of the New Testament. For the Old Ones - 1, 2, 3, ..., 39

Other languages ​​

If you have other sound files, for example, the English Bible, and You want to listen to them with the above named files, then you can Create a folder EnglishSounds, and in the module in which these Files, you need to set the SoundDirectory=EnglishSounds parameter in the file bibleqt.ini.

The Sounds folder is used by default for all modules, Having the structure of the Bible; Modules with translations of the Bible into different languages. If there is a EnglishSounds parameter in the configuration file Module, the program will search for sounds in the specified directory.

In the folder EnglishSounds create folders: for the New Testament - 40, 41, ..., 66 in accordance with the books of the New Testament. For the Old Ones - 1, 2, 3, ..., 39.

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