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MyBible - the program has a wonderful interface in Russian and English
In addition, the author perfectly owning different languages, knows about the difference in the numbering of verses English and Russian Bibles. So there is no problem. MyBible
inspired unsurpassed program PalmBible + (for PalmOS).


Search on the Bible and bookmarks are nothing new. They are here
  • verification of the translation with the dictionary Strong (switched off by double-tapping the name of the version of the Bible - the top right corner).,
  • ability to create entries in the meetings in the church, etc.
  • Memorization of the last visited places in each book of the Bible.
  • Scroll text by touching the left and right halves of the screen, and volume buttons.
  • Bookmarks with captions and color categories. It can be created several tabs on one verse, bookmarks can overlap, can mark a few verses in a row.
  • 2 or 3 parallel translation of the Bible, are automatically synchronized according to the current position or scrolled independently.
  • Built-in information for the 'Russian' and 'standard' numbering in the books of Psalms, Job, Song of Songs. This allows parallel reading of these books of the Bible in Russian and in other languages. Also useful for translators.
  • Cross-references used in Russian Synodal translation - are built into the text.
  • A huge database cross-references from the project Open Bible - can be caused by a specific verse.
  • The Bible reveals on the books, not chapters. So, at the end of the head of the screen should be the beginning of another, do not turn over, just keep reading.
  • Background reading window 'under the old paper', with the effect of worn edges.


Is the Bible on Android, which necessarily have to choose not only a chapter of the book, and verse. Some people do not like it. There
Bible on Android, where there is no opportunity to choose a verse once you get a head start. Another does not like

Here you can select the touch of a book, then the chapter and verse and then
But you can cut down this path if necessary:.. A long press on the name of the book we get to the beginning of the book, and a long press on the chapter number get on top of the head.

Very much I liked the large size of the buttons in the selection of chapters and verses. Make it so that all the names of books of the Bible, verse or chapter number are placed on the page

The Bible, the modern Russian translation, DBR 2011

Module MyBible - Download
Just let down your file into the program folder, usually /storage/emulated/0/MyBible

You can upload the most needed modules via the program itself Russian, Ukrainian, English and several other languages.

Category: Christian software/Mobile Bible

Tags: Bible Christian


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Clean IE history, Mozilla, Opera ... you will be surprised how much it cleans; sometimes expanding key files Web Money considers wrong, so save up, I'll just tidy box with & quot; Invalid file extension & quot ;.

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Category: System/Cleaning

Tags: System utilities Cleaning


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iTunes Android


In my opinion, the best email app on the smartphone.
Stylish, modern, easy, fast.
Leaves a very good impression.
Made but you can easily add any mail or more, and if you are already signed in to any account on your smartphone, then this post is added in 1 click.

Category: Internet/Mail

Tags: Mailers Email


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The main phone and instant messenger via the Internet.
Suffice it to say that Microsoft bought Skype for $80 billion. For that kind of money? Code Skype not worth it. Main - database. That's the main advantage of Skype is sitting there on Skype. You can install Skype, all find and to contact them.

Analog of the paid NetMeeting


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iTunes Android


Best online TV for computer and mobile.
From all that you had better not. Correctly there is a stream, you can tweak the picture depending on the broadcast and features individual channel. Better than the other. A good selection of channels, the image in the picture (during the broadcast, you can select another channel. TV guide. You can select a channel logo, so clear, but you can on the picture, one can see that where there is.

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Category: Media/TV

Tags: TV TV-set

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Open source

The property is the best maps on the mobile.
We use the database of open maps of OpenStreetMaps, which are compiled by the whole world, because this is the most updated and the most complete schematic map (pictures From the satellite there).

Maps can be uploaded and used offline. Made simple, clear and easy. Probably the key word is easy, because these maps take an amazingly small place. Lungs do not mean empty, the maps are very detailed. I also used it on foot, in Turkey, in St. Petersburg.

Of course, the program has a navigator, very convenient, you will not have to get used to it. With voice and the necessary information on the screen.

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Category: Transport/On road

Tags: Auto Navigator Maps


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Phone application for Android 7.0 and higher. Replaces the system. The main difference is the spam filter.

Google duo
Video calling from call log, search results or contact card with one touch. You can switch to Duo video call during a normal phone conversation. To use these features, install and activate the Google Duo app.

Warnings about possible spam and suspicious calls (advertisements, scammers and spam).The ability to block single rooms.

You will know who is calling you, and the name will be indicated next to the number for organizations.

Check your voicemail without a call: view, listen and delete messages directly in the application. You can also download audio files to your device.

Category: Contacts/Messenger

Tags: Phone

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