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Book of Acts plan by chapters

  1. Ascension
  2. Pentecost
  3. Peter and John
  4. Priests and Prayer
  5. Punishment
  6. The first deacons
  7. Persecution of Stefan
  8. Philippe
  9. Paul's Appeal
  10. Peter's Vision
  11. Peter's explanation
  12. Peter in prison
  13. The 1st missionary journey of Paul
  14. The Return of Paul
  15. Paul in Jerusalem
  16. Paul's 2nd missionary journey
  17. Paul in Athens
  18. Priscilla and Aquila
  19. Paul's 3rd missionary journey
  20. Paul in Greece
  21. The arrest of Paul
  22. Protecting Paul before the people
  23. Paul's salvation
  24. Paul before Felix
  25. Paul before Festus
  26. Paul in front of Agrippa
  27. Paul in the shipwreck
  28. Paul in Rome

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