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1 Missionary trip of Paul

Acts 12:24-14:28
way: 2.500 km
team:Barnabas, Saul and John Mark.
45-49 AD


The site of the first missionary journey is the island of Cyprus and Galatia, after which Paul will write his first message - a message to the Galatians.
The reason for choosing a place:
  1. Cyprus is the birthplace of Barnabas (4:36), first the leader was Barnabas.
  2. Then the order changes in place of Barnabas and Saul - Paul and Barnabas. Therefore, the mission goes to the homeland of Paul.


In this journey, Paul revealed himself as an evangelist.
  • The Church of Antioch sends Saul and Barnabas 13:1-3
    Seleucia is the seaport of Antioch 13:4

  • Cyprus is the birthplace of Barnabas (4:36) 13:4-12
    Salamin - preached in the synagogue 13:2-5
    Paf - the appeal of the proconsul through the blindfold of the false prophet 13:5-6
    Saul becomes Paul 13:9
    Paul becomes the leader of the group 13:13

  • Pergiya in Pamphylia - John leaves the team 13:13

  • Pisidisk Antioch - Paul preaches in the synagogue 13:16-41
    Go to the Gentiles 13:45-46
    Expelled by the Jews, shaking out the ashes according to the commandment 13:51; Mt 10:14

  • Iconium (145 km from Antioch) - synagogue 13:51-14:1
    We spent a long time working miracles and signs 14:3
    The people were divided "for" and "against" 14:4
    Persecuted go to another city according to the commandment 14:6; Mt 10:23

  • Lystra - healing of the lame
    Taken for Zeus and Hermes, an attempt to bring them a sacrifice 10:25-26
    Paul is stoned 14:8-19

  • Dervia is the final destination of the journey
    Preach the gospel, many disciples joined 14:6-20

  • The way back - ordain presbyters and warn of persecution 14:21-25

  • Pergiya - preaching 14:21-25 Attalia - the seaport of Pergia 14:25

  • Return to Antioch, report 14:26-28
    Paul's response to the 1 st journey as the heaviest 2Tim 3:11

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