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2 Missionary trip of Paul

Acts 15:36-18:22
way: 5.500 km
team:Paul, Silas, Timothy and Luke.


Paul visits former places and decides to go a little further, but the Holy Spirit did not allow them to preach the Word in neighboring areas, but sent them to Europe.


Most of the journey (one and a half years) Paul remained in Corinth, where he served as a pastor. This is the only place where Paul was a pastor.
  • Separation of Paul and Barnabas because of John 15:36-39
    Later Paul established a relationship with John 2Tim 4:11

  • Paul elects Silas 15:40
    Has this affected God's plan?

  • Syria and Cilicia-approval of previously established churches 15:41

  • Dervia and Lystra (the last time in Derby there were many believers) 16:1

  • Lystra - they are joined by Timothy 16:1-3
    Paul cuts Timothy for the sake of the Jews 16:3

  • Success 16:5

  • To Phrygia and Galatia 16:6


  • The Spirit does not allow preaching in Asia and Bithynia 16:6-7
    Troas - the vision of the Macedonian 16:8-10
    Arrival in Samothrace and Naples 16:11

  • Philippi is the appeal of Lydia and the prison guard 16:12-40
    Here we first learn that Paul is a citizen of Rome 16:37
    Passed through Amphiopol and Apollonia 17:1
    (Passed by because there was no synagogue there)

  • Thessaloniki - they visit synagogue and found a church 17:1-9
    Paul and Force are forwarded to Berea 17:10-14

  • Berea is a synagogue, the people here have carefully studied the Scriptures 17:10-12
    Paul secretly goes to Athens 17:14-15
    Paul orders to send the Force and Timothy 17:15

  • Athens - the sermon of Paul 17:22-34

  • KORINTH - synagogue 18:1-17
Epistle to Thessalonians 56
  • Paul becomes a friend with Aquila and Priscilla 18:2
    Reunion with the Force and Timothy 18:5
    Kenkhrey is a seaport, next to Corinth 18:18

  • Homecoming
    Ephesus - he teaches in the synagogue, he is asked to remain 18:18-22
    There is a group to serve 18:21
    Jerusalem, Antioch 18:2

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