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The Real Story of Santa Claus

Here you will learn the stories of a man who never wore a fur coat,
but now it does not take off.
The story of the man whom the whole world today calls Santa Claus.

Real Santa
So should
Look real Nicholas.
Portrait made by specialists
Who investigated the remains.

This Santa lived a long time ago in a place called Asia Minor. This is now the country of Turkey. His name was Nicholas. At us he is more known, as Nikola miracle worker. Nicholas was Archbishop Mir of Lycia (near the modern small town of Calais, Turkey). He was born somewhere in 255-257 AD In the city of Patara, Lycian region (today the territory of Turkey). ( the site of the ministry of St. Nicholas - google.maps)

Nicholas's parents died when he was still a teenager. They left Nicholas with a lot of money. So Nicholas became a rich young man. He began to live with his uncle, who was a priest.

Nicholas heard of a man who had lost all his money. He had three daughters who needed to be married. But in those days the girls had to have money to marry. This money was a "dowry". It was necessary to help start a new family.

This family was so poor that they had nothing to eat. Daughters were going to be sold into slavery, because they could no longer live at home. It was very sad. They could not have their own families. And they had to become slaves, instead of choosing where they would live or what to do.

At night, before the oldest daughter was to be sold, she washed her stockings and hung them to dry. And all went to bed - father and three daughters.

In the morning, my daughter saw that there was something in the stocking. And she found a small, but heavy bag. It was gold! He was enough for food and for a dowry. How happy they were!

The next morning, another bag of gold was found. Imagine! Two of the daughters were now saved. Such a joy!

The next night my father decided not to sleep, to find out who had helped his daughters. All the same the father fell asleep, but he heard a small "ringing of coins." He quickly jumped and ran out of the door. Who brought this one bag?

It was Nicholas, a young man who lived with his uncle. "Nicholas, it's you! Thank you for your help, I hardly know what to say!" Nicholas said: "Please, thank not me, but God, for responding to your prayers, and do not tell anyone about me."

Nicholas continued to help people. And I always tried to help secretly. He did not want any attention or thanks. Years passed, and he was chosen bishop. Bishops take care of their people, as shepherds take care of their sheep. This is what Nicholas did. When there was not any food, he found wheat and no one remained hungry. He always helped people in trouble. Throughout his life, Nicholas showed people how to love God and care for each other.

When Nicholas died, it was a pity to everyone that for some people some hope for a fairy tale died.
And after his death, suddenly people again found gold in the shoe, it became a tradition.
Because at Christmas it is customary to give gifts to people. For the most part, people give gifts to relatives, friends, from whom and they expect gifts in return.

But also this season especially in the Christian West, there are a lot of charity events to help those who will never be able to respond the same.

It's no secret that for poor people, Christmas and New Year is the most difficult time, the time when they most feel their loneliness, this is the time of depression.
Charity helps to relieve this depression.

2 portraits, on the right the first drawing of Santa Claus, from which the image known today is developed, and on the left - the classic one.
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