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Animated Boot Loader

  1. - Pure CSS Loaders kit - A number of original loaders are presented, next we take the code at once for everything and look for our own, like a sculptor - removing excess. :).
  2. - fade loading - The text is a wave, almost disappearing and vylazya in 3D.
    Russian text works correctly.
    7 letters are suggested, it's better to focus on this amount, otherwise the effect will be not the same.
  3. - CSSPin - A collection of downloaders, downloaded together and then choose what you need.



Free online gif-animator.

Allows you to create animated pictures in gif format (so-called gifki).
You can make an animated avatar, banner or even a cartoon.

How it's done?

  1. We upload images one at a time by clicking the "Add a frame" button. They will be frames of your future animation.
  2. Specify the size, duration between frame changes, the duration of the effect, etc.
  3. Click "Finish" and get the animation.

In Russian
logo CSS load


CSS load

Visual online generator of various loader loaders.

How it works

  1. Go and get patterns of various loaders (circular, horizontal, 3D, text, wave ...)
  2. choose what suits us best
  3. get into a simple visual editor where you can change the color, size, background (color, white, black or transparent), text,
  4. get the code.

In Russian
logo Online generator


Online generator

We create an online image of the loader or create it on CSS, it can be a usual classic loader or an unusual one.

We select the image and banish it, changing the size, colors, background color, rotation speed.

logo Gifprint



Disassembles animated GIF for separate pictures and makes a book from them.



The site shows an animated loader, executed in CSS3.
Click the arrow and watch another, etc.
Liked it? Click on Sourse and take the code.

In Russian

Single Element CSS Spinners


A number of loaders on CSS3 (no picture).
The background color of the loader can be adjusted.
Then immediately under the loader we take the code and use it.



A visual loader generator on CSS3, without a picture.
Built on runners.
These are circular sticks. Adjust the length, up to the squares, or round the corners and to the circles.
Adjust the number and speed of rotation. Transparency and direction of movement.
We take the code by scrolling the page.

CSS3 Animated Loading Bar


Calm loader.
Rotating strip.
Nothing is configured, just take the code and if we want, we will edit it, not visually.

CSS3 Animated Loading Bar

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