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Twitter and microblogging

This is a form of blogging that allows users to write short text notes (usually no more than 200 characters) and publish them; Each such message can be viewed and commented on in chat mode either by anyone, or by a limited group of persons that can be selected by the user. These messages can be sent as text messages, instant messages, email, MP3, SMS or the World Wide Web.

What are the advantages of a "truncated" blog before the "full" blog?

Brevity is the soul of wit. In fact, it turned out that this is true not only for the gifted. If you have a chance to write only a limited number of words, then you will be laconic and do not pour water. It's easier to read, and you can read more. You can post a note via SMS, which makes this service mobile. Recently, people quickly learn about some events through microblogging, than through journalists.


  1. - SocialRank - Identify, organize and manage your subscribers on Twitter.


  1. - Uplike - Platform microblogging and social networking websites.
logo Mastodon

reliable site
English - Russian


A social decentralized network without advertising, similar to Twitter or Weibo.
~ 4.5 million users.

Thousands of independent communities, using Mastodon, form a common network where each planet, despite its differences, is part of something in common.

Thanks to the distribution of the network, many moderators are ready to help you, and there are also nodes with stricter behavioral requirements.

You can run your social platform with your own infrastructure. Do not rely on other companies that can change the rules of the game at any time - set your own rules.

logo Juick


A microblog where we send small text notes using any Jabber client and comment on them.
May attach a picture (JPEG or PNG) or video (3GP, AVI, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV) to the message.
Looks simpler than Twitter, but has its own conveniences, someone is more interested and comfortable here.

It's easier to follow.

No registration required, just add a user to your contact list and go ahead.

Restriction - 4096 characters in the message.
You can leave comments on messages.

logo Chikchirik


Twitter does not fit the Russian user in every way, because this clone appeared.
The only worthy clone of Twitter.
In principle, it does the same as Twitter.

The main advantages are the Russian interface, there are no problems to use the cellular, and more tweets are up to 315 characters (which is not always good, for example, if you want to link it to your Twitter).

On Twitter, we get the latest news first-hand.

What's available

  1. Convenient miniblog, the length of each message is 315 characters.
  2. Alert all of your (one, ten or thousands) friends with one click.
  3. Produce very cheap SMS mailings (50 kopecks per SMS), and also receive messages from your friends on your mobile phone.
  4. Send messages from your mobile phone.
  5. Deliver absolutely any messages to your phone using API, without publishing them on the site.
  6. Automatically update your status in VK, LiveJournal, Twitter and Liveinternet.
  7. Receive information about discounts and promotions of interesting companies.
  8. Exchange analysts from professionals.
  9. Recognize first about new photo sessions on club photosites.
It is ideal to create accounts on Twitter and on Chick Trier. We write a Chirik in the Chick and automatically send your record to Twitter and its associated services, and Chirik can be connected to VK and send messages via SMS (which is not yet available for us on Twitter).

Integration with

Facebook, VK, Twitter, LiveJournal.

logo Parler


An independent alternative to Twitter.
As it turns out, Twitter blocks users at its own discretion or even at the behest of certain politicians.
That makes Twitter not an independent service, but the mouthpiece of a certain party, a certain country.

However, complete freedom borders on chaos and anarchy.
On Parler, it is easy to get caught up in anti-Semitism and other kinds of extremism.
The social network has become popular in the United States.
However, it was denied servers in the U.S. and now rents servers in southern Russia, especially since the owner is married to a Russian.

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