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Russian language

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Correct words

Interactive online Russian textbook for children.
All tasks are divided into courses with varying degrees of difficulty.

  • Easier than easy - Russian course for grades 1-2
  • unmistakably - suitable for grade 3-4,
  • course for preschoolers,
  • Express literacy course for those who want to quickly repeat the topic of grade 1-2.
True Words serve as a linguistic and cultural environment for both the Russian schoolchild and the child growing outside the Russian language environment.

Russian language



Leading portal on the Russian language.

Everything is well structured:

  1. vocabulary,
  2. punctuation,
  3. syntax,
  4. phonetics,
  5. morphemic,
  6. morphology,
  7. entertaining Russian.
However, there is an opportunity to a

logo Textual criticism


Textual criticism

Literary portal about the Russian language.
Help in studying the modern Russian literary language, linguistics and literature.


Providing interesting and useful materials on literature, Russian language and linguistics for all those who study philological disciplines or are just keen on literature and linguistics.

For whom?

For schoolchildren, students, teachers and philologists.

Publication of relevant and valuable texts, articles, dictionaries on Russian language and literature online on Internet, interesting materials on linguistics, And foreign literature, as well as the methodology of teaching language and literature in schools and universities.

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