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RSS Glossary

(Rich Site Summary)
A family of XML formats designed to describe news feeds, announcements of articles, changes in blogs, etc. Information from various sources, presented in RSS format, can be collected, processed and presented to the user in a convenient for him form of special aggregator programs.

In different versions, the abbreviation RSS had different transcripts:

  • Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.9x) enriched website summary
  • RDF Site Summary RSS 0.9 and 1.0) a summary of the site using the resource description infrastructure
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.x) Information retrieval.

RSS aggregator
This is a program designed to collect and organize RSS-channels. Externally, the aggregator resembles a mail program: on the left is a column with a sorted list of interesting websites (each web site is an RSS feed), and the collected information is displayed in the right part of the window.

(eXtensible Markup Language)
This language allows the encoding of services and data in a structured format accessible to computers and people. Now, when it is clear that XML should be used for site syndication, it remains only to decide in which "structured format" we need to encode our materials. At the moment there are two main versions of the feeds: RSS and Atom.

(iPod+broadcasting — ubiquitous broadcasting, broadcasting)
The method of publishing audio transmissions (usually in MP3 format) on the World Wide Web, in which listeners can subscribe and receive new releases as they appear. Sometimes it is also applied to video transmissions.
A useful alternative to broadcasting, because it does not require frequency licensing and is available at any time convenient for the listener. Currently, some radio (Liberty, Deutsche Welle) and a television station (NTV) use podcasting along with ordinary, broadcast broadcasting.

This is a kind of syndication of site materials. Syndication is a process that opens access to the materials of the site, making them available for re-use. In our case, we are talking about syndication focused primarily on the program - whether it's a program to read feeds, or a script that publishes feeds on the site. Currently, the XML markup language is most often used for data exchange between programs.

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