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Scooter rental

  1. - Kicksharing - Choose scooter rental in Moscow.
logo Whoosh


Schering electric scooters.
So far it works only in 17 major Russian cities.

How it works

  1. check in the application;
  2. find the nearest scooter on the map;
  3. scan the app QR-code on the scooter;
  4. keep track of the ride: number of minutes, speed, rental areas and ...
  5. return to the bike park marked on the map with P.
.The app has a free booking function, insurance for the duration of the trip, and a group ride - you can take several scooters from the same account.
  • speed up to 20 km/h;
  • bright flashlight for rides in the dark;
  • a full charge lasts for more than 30 kilometers;
  • no need to charge the scooter yourself;
  • per-minute rental.

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logo Samocat Sharing

Samocat Sharing

Network of automatic scooter rental stations.

You can rent a scooter in seconds, it folds instantly, it's light and compact, you can take it with you on the subway, bus or car.

All interaction with the rental station is done via a mobile app.

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