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A global social network for finding and establishing business contacts.
The network owns Microsoft.
The most popular professional network is more than 400 million users from 200 countries and regions of the world.

LinkedIn users can use the contact list:

  • Be represented through existing contacts and expand connections
  • Search for companies, people, interest groups
  • Publish professional resumes and search for work
  • Recommend and be recommended
  • Publish vacancies
  • Create in-group (For example: Russian connection, Russian speaking professionals abroad, Harvard Club of Russia, etc.)

How it works

We register by specifying your mail, Facebook account (if any). LinkedIn finds in our address book and among our friends on Facebook those who have a LinkedIn account and we immediately get friends.

Then we fill out the questionnaire, indicating your abilities. Our friends in turn confirm or do not confirm our opportunities.
Thus, it helps employers find the most competent employees.
Say, if I know Sergei and trust him, and he introduced Nicholas as a good programmer (I just need such a programmer), then chances are that I will choose Nicholas.

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