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The most popular instant messenger, the number of autorii ahead of Twitter.
We want to share the photo, which then do not go for a walk on the Internet? So that's what we need.

How it works

  1. Make a picture
  2. add picture if you want
  3. added text on the photo if you want
  4. select the TTL in seconds
  5. choose recipient and send.
you Can also send and video.

the Person receives your photo, enjoy the moment of your life and it is removed from its telephone and Internet. It is no more. You may made a face and it's appropriate today, and tomorrow will hurt his career. But it is not.

However people can manage to take a screenshot (will make it very difficult), then the service will inform you and then you can decide whether to share with the person further or not?

But the photo is still stored on the server. But you can see only the last photo, and only once a day.

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Tags: Photo Messengers

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