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Famous people against Lukashenko

Vladimir Spivakov to Alexander Lukashenko

In 2014 you awarded me the Order of Francysk Skaryna for special merits in the field of humanitarian and charitable activity, success on the grounds of national and state revival, in protection of human dignity and rights of citizens of Belarus.
Apparently, at that time, these concepts were still close to you. Today I still share these values, but not with you, a ruler who created for his people living conditions incompatible with humanism and democracy.

Today, your "holiday" is replete with obscurantism, tyranny, violence and endless examples of extreme cruelty, with which the authorities are suppressing the will of many citizens across the country.

For decades of active concert activity I was lucky to perform many times both in Minsk and other cities of Belarus.
Recently the 10-year anniversary of the festival "Vladimir Spivakov invites", which I created, was celebrated.
Thanks to it outstanding artists of the world, famous ballet troupes and unique choral groups came to your country.

Today my heart beats in unison with the people of the Republic of Belarus who rightfully demand the observance of elementary rights and freedoms, including the rights to peaceful protests.
Therefore, in this situation, I am forced to abandon the order that you awarded me earlier.
I am ashamed to wear it, as it is related to your board.
Your "black" power is your great weakness.
People are born to be loved and not humiliated, let alone maimed.

Have you probably heard of "crying will be comforted"? They will!

People's Artist of the USSR
Artist of Peace (UNESCO)
Vladimir Spivakov

Sergei Cords

Stop gassing!
The dugouts are yours, and yet...
They used to call you Father,
and now I guess it's my stepfather?

Or a schmuck? But softly very.
You will hear the truth, you will.
Open your ears and eyes!
You will not sit on bayonets!

Chuck Norris vs Lukashenko

Conclusion: Belarusian OMON - Gestapo, which holds the regime of Lukashenko's junta.

Known people about elections and Lukashenko


I hate violence! And I love Belarus!


"The use of tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons, beatings of people demonstrating peacefully, arrests of journalists all lead to one statement: Belarus under Lukashenko has been turned into a police state," the TV presenter wrote, suggesting that Russia should reconsider its relations with the Belarusian leader "to show that it cares who it considers its ally.


Lukashenko has released dogs against the Belarusians. This is what the Germans did in occupied Belorussia. He drew himself 80% of the vote, although many people were not even allowed to the polling stations, said Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Even if it is 52 percent by 48 percent of the vote in the elections in Belarus, said the leader of the LDPR. But many residents of the republic could not get to their polling stations at all, reminded Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

"But early voting on their counting made up 42 percent of the votes. What kind of math is this? It's agony. There will be no more elections with Lukashenko's participation. Everything depends on us, on Russia: to decide how much more we agree to keep the darmoed," the politician said.

The lecturer of BSU stood up for his students, who were attacked by law enforcement officers.