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To Manually Install a MyBible Module
  1. Download your desired module below (it will be a .zip file).
  2. Extract the .SQLite3 from the zip file.
  3. Place the extracted .SQLite3 file into the /MyBible folder on the device.

    Modules with a silver background are not a complete Bible.

1 English
1. BIBLE - Webster
1.93 Mb
RHB 2004
Restored Holy Bible

the last time the module was changed: 25.05.2018.

2. BIBLE - Webster
1.87 Mb
RWB 1995
Revised Webster Update
The words of Jesus are highlighted in red.

the last time the module was changed: 24.11.2017.

3. BIBLE - Webster
2.66 Mb
RWV 1833
Revised 1833 Webster Version

the last time the module was changed: 24.11.2017.

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