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Watching YouTube together


You can use Watch2Gether even without an account.

Open up the site, create a "room" and send a link to your friends so they can join.

Find the desired video with a search or paste the URL into a line.

And watch the entry together, chatting about it.

Watch2Gether supports not only YouTube, but also Vimeo, Twitch, Deezer and other services.


SyncTube is simpler than Watch2Gether and works only with YouTube.

The principle is the same - create a "room", specify the desired video and reset the link to your friends. By the way, by the way, sessions are open here by default, and strangers can come to you.

Uncheck the Public checkbox in the settings to disable this feature.



Uses: YouTube.


Universal service where you can watch together not only YouTube, but also Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Vimeo, video from your disk or from the network via a direct link.

twoseven provides an opportunity not only to write off with friends in a text chat while watching, but also to communicate in video chat.


Uses: YouTube.

address: Canada

The site works with YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and, and allows you to upload your own videos. The latter, however, is only allowed after registration.

You can discuss watched records in voice or text chat.

Togethr TV


Uses: YouTube.


Feed Togethr TV a link to YouTube video or another site with the video, send friends the URL of the created room, and the joint viewing begins.

Availability of audio and text chat and the ability to compose playlists for friends.

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