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Deepfake is becoming more and more accessible.
. It's essentially the ability for a person in a video to frame another face using artificial intelligence.

Simple and accessible dipfake will be clumsy and obvious.
It is suitable for pranks and entertainment.

To make a quality dipfake, you need

  • find the most similar person who will try to move like the desired character, for example, if we want to show Alain Delon in his youth, the screen should be a white man of 20-30 years (not a woman, not a teenager, or elderly, or black ...)
  • quality and sufficient photos and videos of the character (in our case, Alain Delon).

Ways to use

  • porn - for the purpose of blackmail. This is how the technology was originally used.

  • joke - just to prank someone or amuse themselves. Here, as a rule, the quality was not engaged in much, because the goal is not to mislead, but to have fun.

  • Kino - to rejuvenate a character or "revive" a defunct actor. For example, you were filming a movie and the actor was seriously injured or even died. Using this technology, you can shoot the rest of the material. Or to make a sequel to a movie, when some of the actors have already passed away.

  • advertising - such as ads with the character played by Kuravlev in the movie "Ivan Vasilievich Changes his profession. This kind of footage was not in the movies and could not be filmed at the time, because Kuravlev is surrounded by a modern setting. The video is of a higher quality than what was shot back then.

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