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It should not be done in social networks

First of all, remember that any information that you share with friends only can easily become public.

Nobody has guaranteed you the safety and reliability of your information. Quite the contrary. Social networks are free, which you use "as they are". There may be failures, errors, leaks ...

Remember the simple wisdom - "what is known more than to one person, has ceased to be a secret." Any information on the Internet is a released gin from a bottle.

Then you will not change anything.

Do not notify friends when you have no one at home

It used to be gunners for house robbers. And now thieves are studying social networks. Friends share plans for the summer, describe in detail when, how much they leave, if anyone remains at home.

I recently went to Egypt and had to share in Facebook, where I go. But there were no dates, no details. All was blurry, streamlined. And to friends in fact, what difference does it make if we do not do it together?

If we do this together, some of the information can be given by email and a part via SMS, but nothing through the social network. Then it will be impossible to guess.

Do not make your photos naked

Even for the sake of a joke. They can be removed immediately, but can then be restored.

There was a case when a person posted his piquant photo on a photo hosting with access "only for himself," and they were freely available.


By the way, you can write a year. It's fun to watch when girls hide age, but indicate the time of graduation. But by date you can calculate your various information.

Among other things, I do not like spam on my birthday. You are formally congratulated by a large number of people, getting it. Then you do not know who really remembers and who should be congratulated in return.

Watch how you pour out your soul

Periodically, there are layoffs for some statements on Twitter or Facebook.

A person can share his disruption, his attitude towards his superiors, his work, his illness ... And this can lead to dismissal, especially if there is a reduction.

Never report

Maiden names of your mother's name and other things that you use as additional protection on some kind of services, especially email. Knowing the email you can have access to everything where you registered.


Do not try to write your exact home address. The scammer can find out what's inside of you and make you a victim. While your address is unknown, you are protected.

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