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Owner: Twitter,reliable site.

Twitter Account Verification

The program for verification of accounts started in 2010 and soon after the start it was closed due to a large number of applications. Twitter simply does not have enough resources to continue checking all accounts. In this regard, verification now occurs only in a manual mode, mostly public and Twitter partners and advertising companies receive verification.

The verified (authentic) account looks like this:

logo Verification Vkontakte

Russian - English

Verification Vkontakte

An ordinary person can not claim verification.
Verification in VK requires

  • A notable presence on other sites on Internet.
  • Quotation in the media.
  • Wikipedia article
  • VK page Must be filled in.
  • The page must contain photos.
  • The page must be updated.
  • The number of friends must not exceed the number of subscribers.
Verified (authentic) account looks like this:

Russian - English

Owner: Google,reliable site.

Verification Google+

Google immediately offered to verify celebrities on their social network.

Google did not limit the circle of celebrities to only the rich and widely known in the world people. If you are famous specifically in the social network Google+, then you can get a proposal for verification.

The verified (authentic) account looks like this:

logo Facebook Verification

Russian - English

Owner: Facebook,reliable site.

Uses: Facebook.

Facebook Verification

Today we launch page verification in order to help people find authentic accounts of celebrities and other famous people and businesses," the publication quotes an excerpt from the company's message. Verified pages will belong to a small circle of socially significant figures, including stars, journalists, government officials, popular brands and companies.

True accounts will be marked like a tweet by the blue tick next to the name on the Timelines line, in the search results and in other places on Facebook.

The launch of the new feature occurred a few weeks after, As a number of brands expressed concern about how the new internal search engine Graph Search will display them in the search results list, because there are many similar pages.

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