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Click To Pray

Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network (Apostleship of Prayer).

The app connects you with thousands of people who, in all the continents, are praying every day for the challenges of humanity and for the mission of the Church as the Pope proposes in his monthly prayer intentions. Pray, live and build a world which tastes of the Gospel. Give meaning to our live and put you prayer into action.

Ерун offers you just three brief moments of prayer each day.

Click To Pray also lets you share your own prayer intentions for all to pray.

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Moms in prayer

Women's prayer service, which can be attended by any mother who wants to pray for her children, their schools, colleges, institutes and other educational institutions. In the Christian world, it is known as the International Union of "Moms in Prayer."

Formed in 1984, today the ministry unites mothers from more than 90 countries around the world. Among them are the mothers of America, Russia, England, Germany, Moldova, India, Egypt, South Korea, Tanzania, Switzerland, Guatemala, South Africa and many others. Their motherly love and faith in the power of prayer connects the continents, removes language barriers, eliminates national and racial differences, brings together denominations. Russian mothers learned about this wonderful ministry in the early 90s. More than 70 prayer conferences and seminars were held by the coordinator of the ministry of Diana Kondratieva in different cities of our country and CIS countries. Moms from Moscow and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, from St. Petersburg and Stavropol, from Surgut and Tashkent, Zaporozhye and Yakutsk, rose to this service. More than 2,000 prayer groups are now operating in different cities, large and small, in different localities of our country.

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