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If you regularly receive money on the account, by mail ... then sooner or later the question of taxation will arise.

1. If the amount is insignificant, there is no one up to this case

By the way, if your income is below a certain level (I do not know how much it is today), then it is not taxed.

2. If you regularly receive money and do not pay taxes, you will get a fine

It is much cheaper to pay taxes. Therefore, you should pay and pay reasonably.

Art. 224, 220 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

The tax rate (if the resident of the Russian Federation) is 13% from the tax base.

The base is income - tax deductions.
Deductions are different - from documented (the amount of costs for the creation/acquisition of goods, confirmed by documents), to the declarations (documented unconfirmed deduction can be declared for the amount of 250,000 rub.)

Those. You can safely sell the property for a total of 250,000 rub. And then claim a deduction for this amount.
The deduction is claimed by submitting a tax return in the form of 3-NDFL to the Inspectorate at the place of registration until April 31 of the next year after receiving the income of the year.

Yes, according to anti-laundering legislation on transfers over 600,000 rub. The bank informs in financial monitoring.

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