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SMS registration

If you need to send an SMS to a short number to the site for registration, then the question arises.
There are decent sites that indicate that registration by SMS is free. You need to make sure how much the denial of the service costs.

SMS fraud

Defending Yourself

  • Do not download the game anywhere except the leading official sites
  • remove the "Credit" service,
  • Do not put too much on the cell,
  • If possible, do not use the services of MTS, so many complaints lately,
  • Do not send SMS to short numbers other than the top ten most famous sites like Yandex ...

Free SMS to short number

Such if and are, only to the sites, like Yandex, Skype, mobile operators.
Read the fine print on everyone else.
If they write for FREE, find out why.
  • We know if there are 0 copecks written on the billboard. For a minute, it means the 1st minute of 3 rubles, but only the 2nd and only on the inside of the network, etc. We read in small print.
  • If the domain is free, then only for the 1st year, but for each subsequent one is more than one and a half times higher than in other places.
  • If SMS to short number is free, it's just registration via SMS. Then after registration we will be obliged to pay something monthly, and you will be able to unsubscribe only with paid SMS. So for example the situation is the same for the site Elite Work.

Service Credit

If you do not have such a service, you can steal only your money. With this service you still will have to.

MTS allows you to pay for SMS on short numbers in debt:
Scammers will live better, because now people with even a negative balance can send SMS to a short number.

Believe me, the operators either cover these mosquitoes, because the lion's share of this money goes to them. Either themselves and are doing it.
Think about it. If you try to hide your pennies and not pay, Call, so they do not notice, will it work? No. They clearly all think. You do not buy Simka without a passport, you will be removed from it later. You will buy a new SIM card, put the money, immediately withdraw it from the old debt. And how so "unnoticed" walk the owners of short numbers? Miracle! The riddle!


MTS not only indulges SMS fraudsters, but itself steals in a quiet, and periodically and in a bogus way. The guys went to Moscow, they called, but they did not answer, roaming same. With them, then for calls on roaming, they withdrew money.
After when I got a bill for 1500 rubles. For the thrown out simcard of 10-year-old prescription, I refused their services.

They also invented such a thing that if you do not use sim card for more than half a year, you automatically transfer it to a tariff with a decent subscription fee.

So, if you use, keep an eye on the bills. If you decide not to use, officially give up their services.


Do not download from unofficial sites. Where do you think the viruses are walking, which then will tear you, like a sticky?
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