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Technology is more dangerous than phishing, automatic redirection of users to fake sites.
It consists in changing DNS addresses (Domain Name System) so that web pages that are Visits by the user, were not original, but others, specially created by cyber-fraudsters to collect confidential information, especially relating to online banks.

How does this happen?

The mechanism of pharming has much in common with the standard virus infection. The victim opens an unsolicited e-mail message or visits a web server that runs an executable virus script. This distorts the hosts file. Malware can contain URL pointers to many banking structures. As a result, the redirection mechanism is activated when the user types an address corresponding to his bank. As a result, the victim falls on one of the false sites.

Mechanisms of protection from farming for today simply do not exist. It is necessary to carefully look at the mail received, regularly update the anti-virus database, close the preview window in the mail client, etc.


First of all, store your email.
Do not get your email spammers - there will be no spam. Will fall - will.
Do not get your email phishers - there will not be phishing. Will fall - will.
The most basic - get 2 email addresses:
  1. Permanent, which will be on your business card, for registration on official websites. Keep it and do not give it to anyone.
  2. Temporary, for registration on forums and for registration on the Internet. Go spam or phishing, throw out and start a new temporary.
Use the security code for email on your site (if you have one).



Never follow new suggestions. If you have an account, then you somehow opened it, used and etc., why change something?
Well, of course, protect your email.

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