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Mozilla Thunderbird

| Windows/Linux/Mac OS10 Mb | home page | Portable |

Owner: Mozilla, надежные site.

iTunes Android




  • virus Protection, it is necessary to understand that it will only protect from hidden viruses, but they can come as an attachment and we never open attachments from anybody,
  • Similar to Outlook and easy to maintain
  • Flexible settings, nothing more,
  • ,
  • works Properly with charsets,
  • check spelling (the program is only English spell checker, Russian downloaded from this site advanced).


    Best alternative to Outlook.


    p.s. In October last year, Qualcomm stopped development of the famous Eudora (very popular in Europe), produced in 1988, passing it the source codes of the open-source community. Since the development of the new version of the Eudora mailer started Mozilla. It was also announced that this new version, code-named Penelope, will be based on the elements of the source code of the mailer Mozilla Thunderbird (turn on the cessation of the development of Thunderbird, Mozilla announced at the end of July of the current year).

    Analog of the paid The Bat
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    Category: Contacts/Mail

    Tags: Mailers Email


    home page |

    Owner:, надежные site.

    iTunes Android huawei


    In my opinion, the best email app on the smartphone.
    Stylish, modern, easy, fast.
    Leaves a very good impression.
    Made but you can easily add any mail or more, and if you are already signed in to any account on your smartphone, then this post is added in 1 click.

    Category: Contacts/Mail

    Tags: Mailers Email

    Outlook Express

    | Windows/Mac OS home page |

    Owner: Microsoft, надежный site.

    iTunes Android



    System mail client is very good, perfectly customizable, works correctly with Russian encodings.
    part of the system, so it is not necessary to buy something, download, copy, and just set up your account. Thus saving installation time and disk space.


    the Gate for viruses. Since most of the users is inert, this mail program on most computers. Because the virus is configured on it and knows all the loopholes.


    the Program is one of the best, only the vulnerability negates all the pros.

    is Not recommended.

    Category: Contacts/Mail

    Tags: Mailers Email
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