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Jewish Year

Today 23 Shvat 5730 AD Monday, (15 July 2024)

Chronology from

The counting of time was wrought from the accession of kings.
The first year of each king began 1st nisan after his accession, the previous days were considered as the time of his predecessor.

Counting from Creation

Israel keeps the chronology from the creation of the world, in the fall of 2000 AD Started 5761 year.
In the fall 2024G. In Israel begins 5785 AD From creation

In Russia the chronology was also calculated from the creation.
1700 AD Peter-I introduces the chronology from the birth of Christ, it was 7208 AD From SM.

Features of the Jewish year

We live on a solar calendar, which is 365 days plus leap years.
The Arab world lives according to the lunar calendar, where the month is 28-29 days, thus the year is shorter, as a result of which the person's birthday throughout life falls on all seasons.

Israel lived and lives also according to the lunar calendar, but unlike the Arabic one, in Israel is periodically added a leap month VEADAR. Thus, they have spring months remaining in spring, etc.

But in Israel there is 2 year:

  1. Calendar, which starts with AFANIAM (corresponds to our September-October), THEN AND CELEBRATES OFFICIAL New year in Israel.
  2. The religious, which God commanded (Exo.12:2), begins with AVIV-a (corresponds to our March-April).
Similarly, as we have 3 year:
  1. Calendar, which starts on January 1st.
  2. Academic, which begins on September 1 and marks the beginning of the academic year.
  3. Religious, which is followed by the Orthodox Church.
late or autumn rains, sowing of barley and the beginning of harvesting, the Jordan is bottled   1. (30) NISAN, AVIV heads MARCH - APR 12 - search for leavened bread,
13 - burnt leavened,
14-21 on the eve Pesach,
15 - 1st day of Pesach, The 1st fetus
barley harvest harvest 2. (29) ZIF flowering APR - MAY  
wheat harvest, summer, there is no rain, work in the vineyard 3. (30) SIVAN  MAY - JUNE 6 - Shavuot, this day Israel received 10 Commandments and Torah.
the heat is increased heat 4. (29) TAMMOUSE JUNE - JULY  
the warmest month, the flows dry, the ripening of grapes, figs, olives 5. (30) AB JULY - AUGUST 9 - the day of the destruction of the 1 st and 2 nd temples, according to the legend the people, in which the scouts instilled fear, cried all this night, asking them to return them to Egypt.
picking grapes, picking olives 6. (29) ELUL AUGUST - SEPTEMBER  
early rains, sowing  seeding 7. (30) AFANIUM SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 1 - Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Tubes),
10 - Yom Kippur (cleansing day),
15-22 - Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles).
sowing grains, harvesting grapes in the north 8. (29) BUL OCTOBER - NOVEMBER  
the beginning of winter, snow falls on the mountains winter 9. (30) QUALITY NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 25 - Hanukkah
rainy season, the emergence of seedlings is the coldest month, 10. (29) TEBEF DECEMBER - JANUARY  
warming, new year for trees 11. (30) SHEVAT JANUARY - FEBRUARY  
Thunder, hail, almond blossom, flax harvest   12. (29) ADAP FEBRUARY - MARCH 14-15 - Purim
leap month   13. VEADAR MARCH - APR  
45 BCJanuary 1 - Julius Caesar introduces the Julian calendar .For these merits, one of the months is given His name July .
5-6 BC Jesus was born.
30 AD 7 April - Jesus was crucified.
321 AD Dies Dominicus enter the day off on the 1st day of the week, which is the day of the Lord, that is the Sunday of the Messiah, where our Sunday is.
525 AD Anno Domini - introduced the chronology from the year of the Lord (of the Nativity of Christ), the Roman monk Dionysius the Small.
7 century In Greece the chronology from the creation of the world (allegedly 5508 year BC)
998 AD Establishment of Christianity in Russia.
1492 AD March 1, 7000 G. From SM - in Russia the chronology from the creation of the world is introduced. (From the creation of Adam on Friday)
1582 AD The Gregorian calendar. The calendar was designed by the Pope Gregory XIII in connection with the care
1700 AD January 1 - Peter I introduces the chronology from the Nativity of Christ (7208 AD From SM)
18 century Most countries switch to the Gregorian calendar
1930-1947 AD Elka for the New Year in the ban, Since it is supposedly connected with religion.