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N projext site start closed description
001 Google Fast Flip 2009 2011 Online news aggregator
002 Google Jaiku 2007 2012 Micro-blogging service
003 Google News Badges 2011 2012 You can keep track of what you're reading.
004 Hello 2008 Send images across the Internet and publish them to blogs.
005 Picasa 2002 2016 Online photo-sharing tool
006 Shared Stuff 2009 Web page sharing system, incorporating a share bookmarklet to share pages, and a page to view the most popular shared items. Pages could also be shared through third party applications such as Delicio
007 Sidewiki 2009 2011 Web annotation tool
008 Web Accelerator 2005 2008 Web page speed tool
009 Wireless access VPN client for Google WiFi users, whose equipment does not support WPA or 802.1x protocols.
010 2009 2018 URL shortening service
011 Google Labs 2006 2011 Page created by Google to demonstrate and test new projects.
012 Lively 2008 2008 3D animated chat


N projext site start closed description
013 Google Adsense for Feeds 2007 2014
014 Google Click-to-Call 2007 Sponsored links form.
015 Real Estate 2011 Real estate listings in Google Maps.
016 TV Ads 2012 Method to place advertising on TV networks.


N projext site start closed description
017 Google Listen 2016 2019
018 Google Music Trends Music ranking of songs played with iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player and Yahoo Music.
019 MK-14 4U rack mounted server for Google Radio Automation system.


N projext site start closed description
020 Google Base 2005 2010 Google submission database that enabled content owners to submit content, have it hosted and made searchable.
021 Google Bookmarks Lists
022 Google Directory 2011 It was first introduced as part of Google Translate, it then became a standalone service that allowed searching of words and phrases from over 22 languages. Discontinued on August 5, 2011.
023 Google Sets 2011 Generates a list of items when users enter a few examples.
024 Google Squared 2009 2011 Creates tables of information about a subject from unstructured data.
025 Related Links 2007 Links to information related to a website's content
026 Google Dictionary 2009 2011 Web-based dictionary
027 GOOG-411 2007 2010 Local directory assistance
028 Qestions & answers 2002 2006


N projext site start closed description
029 Audio Ads 2007 2009 A prepaid ticket payment system.
030 Google Checkout 2006 2013 Payment processing service
031 Google Health 2008 2012 Personal health record
032 Google Latitude 2009 2013 A service that uses crowdsourcing to rank user-submitted questions, suggestions and ideas.
033 Google One Pass 2011 2012 Online store developed for publishers looking to sell subscriptions to their content.
034 Ride Finder 2007 2009 Ride sharing service
035 Google Answers 2002 2006 Online knowledge market
036 Hotpot 2010 2011 Local recommendation engine that allowed people to rate restaurants, hotels etc. and share them with friends.
037 BebaPay 2013 2015 Transport payment service
038 Google Compare 2016 Comparison-shopping site for auto insurance, credit cards and mortgages.
039 Google PowerMeter 2009 2011 Project to help consumers track their home electricity usage.


N projext site start closed description
040 Google Cloud Print 2010 2020 A service that allows users to print from any application, from any device (computer, mobile)


N projext site start closed description
041 Jump - Google VR 2019 The virtual reality


N projext site start closed description
042 Nexus Q 2012 2016 Smartphone, replaced by Google Pixel
043 Project Ara 2014 2016 Modular smartphone project
044 Google X 2010 2015 Self-driving car, augmented reality glasses ...
045 Google Glass 2013 2015 Android glasses.


N projext site start closed description
046 Inbox 2014 2015 Mail
047 Google Allo 2016 2018 Chat
048 Google Helpouts 2013 2015 Online collaboration service
049 Sparrow 2011 2012 Email client for mac
050 Dodgeball 2005 2007 Social location service
051 Google Talk 2005 2017 Instant messaging service
052 Google Reader 2005 2013 RSS/Atom feed aggregator
053 Google Wave 2010 2012 Real-time collab app
054 Postini 1999 2014 E-mail, web security, and archiving service.


N projext site start closed description
055 City Tours Overlay to Maps that shows interesting tours within a city.
056 Local Local listings service, before it was integrated with mapping.
057 Panoramio 2005 2016 Geo-located photo sharing
058 Google My Maps 2007 2013 GIS tools for Google Maps.
059 Google Map Maker 2008 2017 Mapping and map editing service.


N projext site start closed description
060 Accessible Search Weblog search engine, with a continuously-updated search index.
061 Blog Search 2011 Search blogs.
062 Free Search 2017 Embed site/web search into a user's website.
063 Google Classic Plus 2010
064 Google Mini 2012 Lower-cost version of the Google Search Appliance.
065 Google Search Appliance 2017 2019 Scalable hardware solution that allows you to organize a stand-alone internal corporate search for documents and information resources of the company in the local network.
066 Google Search Timeline
067 Mashup Editor 2009 Web Mashup creation with publishing facilities, syntax highlighting, debugging.
068 Personalized Search Search results personalization, now fully merged with Google Accounts and Web History.
069 Public Service Search 2007 Non-commercial organization service, which included Google Site Search, traffic reports and unlimited search queries.
070 Quick Search Box Search box, based on Quicksilver, which allows easily viewing installed applications or performing online searches.
071 Rebang (Google China) Google China's search trend site, similar to Google Zeitgeist. As of 2010, part of Google Labs.
072 SearchMash 2008 Search engine to "test innovative user interfaces." Aside from its privacy policy and terms of service, no Google branding existed on the site.
073 SearchWiki 2008 2010 Annotate search results
074 Spreadsheets Listings for search engines for university websites.
075 U.S. Government Search Standalone desktop application that allows viewing videos.
076 University Search Search engine and Personalized Homepage that exclusively draws from sites with a .gov TLD.
077 Visigami Image search application screen saver that searches files from Google Images, Picasa and Flickr.
078 Aardvark 2008 2011 Social search service
079 Code Search 2006 2012 Code search engine
080 Google Insights for Search 2012 Merged in Google Trends.
081 Google Voice Search 2012 2018 Automated voice system for web search using the telephone. Became Google Voice Local Search and integrated on the Google Mobile web site.
082 Google Schemer 2014 Social search to find local activities.

Site buider

N projext site start closed description
083 Google Code 2006 2016 Project hosting service
084 iGoogle 2005 2013 Personalised home page
085 Page Creator 2008 2009 Website creation service
086 Knol 2008 2012 User-written reference site
087 Google Website Optimizer 2012 A free website testing and optimization tool.
088 Google Moderator 2008 2015 Issue tracking system

Social network

N projext site start closed description
089 Google+ 2011 2019 Social networking site
090 Joga Bonito Soccer community site, similar to services such as MySpace.
091 Google Buzz 2010 2011 Social networking service
092 Google Friend Connect 2008 2012 A technology that allows you to add social features to your site without programming.
093 Orkut 2004 2014 Social networking website


N projext site start closed description
094 Urchin 2005 2012 Web analytics program
095 Wildfire by Google 2015 Social media marketing software.
096 Google Sidewiki 2009 2011 Browser extension that allowed anyone logged into a Google Account to make and view comments about a given website in a sidebar.
097 Google Image Labeler 2006 2011 HanA game that helps improve the output of images in Google search.gout-based live video chat with experts. Discontinued on April 20, 2015.
098 Gears 2007 2010 Open source software that allows you to use web applications using Opera Mobile, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers for Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Windows Mobile offlin
099 Google Gears 2007 2010 Open source utility software
100 MyTracks 2016 GPS Logging application for Android. The application uses a device's GPS to collect data, allowing real-time review of path, speed, distance, and elevation.
101 Google Notebook 2006 2011 Online note taking app
102 2005 2012 A company for creating photo sharing software for social networks.
103 Google Cloud Connect 2013 Microsoft Office plugin for automatically backing up Office documents upon saving onto Google Docs.
104 Google Related A browser application that allows users to learn more about the content they are interested in, which they see on the site.
105 Google Browser Sync (Firefox) 2006 2008 Firefox extension to sync.
106 Meebo 2005 2012 Instant Messaging
107 QuickOffice 1997 2012 Office software on the smartphone.
108 Blogger Web Comments (Firefox only) Displays related comments from other Blogger users.
109 Building Maker 2009 2013 3D buildings maker
110 Dashboard Widgets for Mac Collection of mini-applications including Gmail, Blogger and Search History.
111 Google Apps for Teams
112 Google Calendar Sync 2013 Synchronizes events between your Google calendar and your Microsoft Outlook calendar.
113 Google Catalogs 2011 2015 Shopping app for tablets
114 Google Deskbar 2006 Replaced by a similar feature in Google Desktop.
115 Google Desktop 2004 2011 Desktop search app
116 Google Docs Gadgets
117 Google Notifier 2014 Alerted users to new messages in their Gmail account. (Supported Mac OS X, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.)
118 Google Pack 2011 Collection of software tools.
119 Google Refine 2012 Tool for data cleansing and processing. It is now independent from Google.
120 Google Spaces 2016 2017 App for group discussions
121 Marratech e-Meeting 2007 2010 Web conferencing software, used internally by Google's employees.
122 Photos Screensaver Slideshow screensaver as part of Google Pack, which displays images sourced from a hard disk, or through RSS and Atom Web feeds.
123 Picnik 2010 2012 Online photo editing
124 Writely 2006 Writely was merged into Google Docs & Spreadsheets.
125 Send to Phone 2008 Replaced by Google Chrome to Phone.
126 SMS 2013 Mobile phone short message service offered by Google in several countries, including the USA, Japan, Canada, India.


N projext site start closed description
127 Google Showtimes 2016 Specialized search engine that obtains show times of films near a user-entered location and provides reviews of films compiled from several different websites.
128 Google Video for Business
129 Google Video Marketplace 2007
130 Video Playerfrom Google Video. Now called Google Voice Local Search, it is currently integrated on the Google Mobile web site.
131 YouTube My Speed 2014 Replaced by Google Video Quality Report.
132 Google Video 2005 2012 Video hosting service
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