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Charters or scheduled flights

A charter flight is a flight ordered by a legal entity (for example, a tour operator) from an airline by concluding a charter (charter) air transportation contract.

This is essentially the same aircraft, the same service. But there is some difference.

Types of Charter

  1. Split - part of the route runs along the route of a regular flight.
  2. Shuttle - the plane constantly runs between the end points of the route, taking away new travelers.
  3. Poly - with transplants.
  4. With sludge - the plane delivers passengers to the destination, waits, and then carries back.


There are misconceptions that charters are old aircraft that are about to collapse, they do not feed there and can generally cancel the flight and will not return the ticket.

The planes are the same as on regular flights. The pilot will fly only on a reliable airplane.
They are fed the same way, they do not do anything differently. They do not feed passengers on lowcoster flights. On the charters are fed.

Flight can be canceled if underloaded, but then you will be sent by another flight. Most often, charter companies book travel agencies that are interested in getting you to your hotel.

Disadvantages of Charter

  1. Lack of a clear flight schedule;
  2. the time of departure is known in recent days;
  3. You can not return or exchange a ticket.

Advantages of charter flights

  1. the ticket price for charters is lower than for regular flights;
  2. convenient route, we fly to where we rest, even where regular flights do not fly;
  3. You can reissue a ticket to another person.
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