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© - the copyright protection symbol is used with the name of the individual or legal entity that owns the copyright. An object of copyright protection may also be specified. Indicate the year of publication or date range.

The copyright protection symbol does not create any additional rights. He only notifies that the copyright belongs to the specified individual or entity.

TM - Trade mark - is a registered trademark.

SM - Service mark - is an unregistered trademark.

® - All rights reserved.

- Phonorecord -a sign of protection of neighboring rights on plates and CDs.

By the appropriate condition, if the work is published without a note that the author reserves the right to her, such work becomes public domain.

The Buenos Aires treaty operated only in some countries of the Western Hemisphere, and has now been almost completely replaced by treaties where the works are protected by default, without any notices.

In addition, the absence of a sign does not mean that the work is not protected by copyright, since copyright arises at the time of creation of the work and for the protection of copyrights it is not required to register the work or to comply with any other formalities.
  1. - The Noun Project - On this site are collected all kinds of pictograms or, as the author calls it, the international sign language.
  2. - Glyphsearch - Search for icons in different databases.
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