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Measures of liquids

Calculator measures

BATH (14) 6 gin 40 l
gin (20) 12 log 6,65 l
log (5) 0,55 l
metret (1) 12 hus 40 l
amphorae 8 hus 26 l
hus 6 sextarium 3,3 l
sextarium 2 cotoule 0,55 l
cotoule 0,27 l
* Red color indicates approximately how many times this word is used in the Bible.

3355 μετρητης - metret; measure. 72 sextarians or 144 cotoule. 39.5 l 144 glasses

Jh 2:6 measure is a large amphorae (metret)

ξεστης sextarium mug 0,55 l soldier's mug.
κοτυλη cotoule cup 0,27 l glass
αμφορευς amphorae Jar with two handles 26,26 l can

αμφι - both sides.
φορευς - porter.
26 l 8 hus

Amphora was designed to store and transport expensive wine and olive oil, as well as to store the ashes of the deceased.
The water-carriers in form resembled amphoras, only were larger in size, due to the lesser value of the contents.

  • So, one measure is 144 glasses of wine (!), A water-carrier, about 360 glasses.
  • All 6 water-carriers accommodated more than 2000 glasses of wine, about 600 liters.
  • 2-3 measures it was 500-700 liters. Throw hundreds of liters, richly live!
After reading the first time, we will pay attention to the miracle of turning water into wine. The number of us is not impressive, it is not clear. But, realizing how much is being discussed, we understand the other side of the miracle - an excess, much more than necessary. This is something like fishing for Peter. All to the maximum, to the limit. Jesus filled both boats with fish, filled the net until he began to break. That is, it was impossible to give more. In addition, Jesus provided the market. The crowd, who listened to Jesus and watched the miracle of the unprecedented catch, had a chance to buy and taste this wonderful fish, which also looked very appetizing (there was one to one, all just big fish). Under the climate of Israel, it is impossible to store fish, it immediately spoiled. What would be the use of such a catch if it is not sold? Jesus was limited only by their ability to receive. And in the case of wine: "what is the biggest dish? Take all". Once "believers" belittle the miracles of Jesus, father. Draw the route of the exodus of their Egypt through some puddles, swamps, the Bible says "SEA".
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