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KHL Gagarin Cup


SKA - Gagarin Cup winner

Ak Bars - Gagarin Cup finalist

Gagarin Cup winner 2015



53 Alexander Salak (goalkeeper)
19 Mikko Koskinen (goalkeeper)
44 Dmitry Shikin (goalkeeper)
35 Evgeny Ivannikov (goalkeeper)
34 Ivan Nalimov (goalkeeper)
30 Igor Shesterkin (goalkeeper)
33 Ilya Ezhov (goalkeeper)
37 Nikita Bogdanov (goalkeeper)
46 Sergey Korobov (goalkeeper)


38 Kevin Dallman (defender)
18 Alexey Grishin (defender)
52 Alexey Semyonov (defender)
76 Andrei Ermakov (defender)
45 Andrei Kuteikin (defender)
4 Andrei Sergeev (defender)
77 Anton Belov (defender)
3 Dinar Khafizullin (defender)
7 Dmitry Kalinin (defender)
58 Dmitry Yudin (defender)
8 Evgeny Ryasensky (defender)
73 Maxim Chudinov (defender)
79 Mikhail Tikhonov (defender)
44 Nikolai Belov (defender)
5 Roman Rukavishnikov (defender)
2 Yuri Alexandrov (defender)


70 Roman Cervenka (center forward)
41 Patrick Thoresen (center forward)
87 Vadim Shipachev (center forward)
63 Evgeny Dadonov (center forward)
47 Alexander Kadeikin (forward)
15 Alexander Kucheryavenko (forward)
36 Andrei Sigarev (forward)
71 Anton Burdasov (forward)
10 Viktor Tikhonov (forward)
40 Evgeny Ketov (forward)
25 Igor Makarov (forward)
62 Peter Khokhryakov (forward)
20 Philip Toluzakov (forward)
21 Jimmie Ericsson (forward)
9 Tony Mårtensson (forward)
94 Alexander Barabanov (left forward)
23 Alexey Ponikarovsky (left forward)
72 Artemi Panarin (left forward)
29 Ilya Kablukov (left forward)
17 Ilya Kovalchuk (wing forward)
Gagarin Cup finalist 2015



94 Evgeny Yaroslavlev (goalkeeper)
77 Emil Garipov (goalkeeper)
31 Anders Nilsson (goalkeeper)


4 Vladimir Denisov (defender)
25 Sheldon Brookbank (defender)
24 Vasily Tokranov (defender)
64 Damir Musin (defender)
82 Evgeny Medvedev (defender)
84 Ziyat Paygin (defender)
5 Ilya Nikulin (defender)
22 Konstantin Korneev (defender)
7 Stepan Zakharchuk (defender)
36 Yakov Rylov (defender)


51 Justin Azevedo (center forward)
69 Alexander Burmistrov (center forward)
15 Alexander Svitov (center forward)
70 Vladimir Tkachev (center forward)
98 Fedor Malykhin (center forward)
28 Konstantin Koltsov (forward)
74 Sergey Kostitsyn (forward)
40 Petr Vrána (forward)
8 Viktor Shakhvorostov (forward)
10 Igor Mirnov (forward)
90 Cyril Petrov (forward)
18 Mikhail Varnakov (forward)
45 Oscar Möller (forward)
89 Artem Lukoyanov (left forward)
91 Dmitry Arkhipov (left forward)
12 Mikhail Glukhov (left forward)
34 Dmitry Obukhov (right forward)

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