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Look out for Santa Claus!

Santa Claus

On New Year's holidays there is a lot of fraud in connection with the possibility of hiding your identity under the costume of Santa Claus and the trustfulness of people.

Father Frost order

When ordering through the Internet, you can get Father Frost on scammers. Distinctive feature - very cheap. What is the expression of deception:
  1. you pay online, most of the time just prepay, and Santa Claus doesn't come,
  2. you pay by Internet card, and then withdraw everything from the card,
  3. Father Christmas comes and clears the apartment. You know the classic deception? A teenager calls for a drink, you bring water, and he's gone. While you were gathering water, he went through the pockets of his outer clothing, which hangs in the hallway. And then you invite Santa Claus into the house. He's got more time and space for activities. And if he asks about payment first, you come with your wallet, show where it is.
How do you fight?
  1. The best way is to use the same services as last year, tested.
  2. Come only to reliable sites, or better to the office, if the office address is not specified, say that you prefer to make an order through the office. More often than not, scammers prefer contactless. a form of fraud. When you didn't see them, nobody signed the papers, nobody's fingerprints. Rospotrebnadzor advises: inviting Santa Claus and Snow Maiden home or in the organization, sign a contract in writing with the agency.
  3. Don't pay online,
  4. If you pay by card, you will be sent to the site of your bank for payment. If you will be offered to pay for it is unclear where or worse - on the site that looks like the site of your bank, only the address is not quite the same, run from there and do not contact again.
  5. Just look for reviews on this site. If there are no reviews yet, then the site is a one-day site.
By the way, according to Kaspersky's statistics, it is on New Year's Eve that stealing from plastic cards becomes more active. Please note that some Western websites will require the card number, name of the cardholder and expiration date to pay for the card. Only what's on the front side.

Erranged address

On New Year's Eve, Father Frost will try to enter any apartment, saying that often apartments are not closed, waiting for guests. Looks pretty natural.

New Year's goods

On New Year's Day appears a large number of fake online shops selling very inexpensive Christmas goods: toys, pyrotechnics ....


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