Series Extr @
A comedy tutorial in Spanish about the lives of four friends.

Tips for learning English -
Playlist on the channel of a girl who lives in America and knows four languages.

Courses from MIPT
12 videos with the analysis of tasks from the teachers of MIPT.

Soviet filmstrips with voice acting
About 500 filmstrips in YouTube videos with voice acting.

About 500 filmstrips in YouTube videos with voice acting.
And the voice acting is not artisanal, but artistic.
I think it will be interesting to look at those who have never lived in the times of the film-films.

Math | Preparing for the exam 2018
Webinars from Foxford online school with a task analysis.

Online Player with Video.

More than 30 million songs and 1 million performers.
Register or enter using a Facebook account, if it is.
We ask for an artist, we get a list of songs by the performer by rating and starts playing.
Begins to play Song and we see a video from YouTube on this song.
You can drag the YouTube window to wherever you want by dragging the mouse with the mouse.
You can turn off the video by clicking the YouTube window.
You can turn it on again by clicking on the small picture at the top.

Webcam in the church.

A video broadcast of the Sunday ministry in the church.
Church "Living faith" Gomel. (on the map)
Broadcasting starts when people are still seated in places and further, which more gives the effect of presence.

You can see past services in the record, watch sermons, see the pastor's video blog.

University of Bible Fellowship
The goal is to spread the gospel among university students all over the world, for this purpose individual Bible studies, group Bible studies, biblical schools and conferences are conducted.

The goal is to spread the gospel among university students all over the world, for this purpose individual Bible studies, group Bible studies, biblical schools and conferences are conducted. Also, missionary activities, the spread of the Gospel in other cities and countries.

Statement of Faith

  • We believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible and immutable Word of God.
  • We believe in the One God of the Creator, who eternally exists in three Persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe in the divine essence of our Lord Jesus Christ, His immaculate conception, His sinless life, His miracles, His redeeming Sacrifice on the cross, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to heaven, where He sits at the right hand of the Father, and His Second Coming in Flesh on earth in power and glory.
  • We believe that the salvation of sinners, their rebirth by the Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit dwells in believers and gives them power for a righteous life.
  • We believe in the bodily resurrection of the paired and unpaired: for the believers - for life, for the unbelievers - for condemnation.
  • We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • MROECE The "University Bible Fellowship" works closely with the international movement University Bible Fellowship, the University Bible Fellowship (abbreviated UBF), an international Christian evangelical student organization founded in 1961. Currently, the UBF preaches the Gospel in more More than 80 countries around the world, including in the CIS countries.In the territory of Russia, the University Biblical Commonwealth Movement has been operating since 1990.

YT Cutter -
Extract favorite scenes from YouTube videos

Extract favorite scenes from YouTube videos.
Free and no need of registration.


  • Trim and download Youtube movies online.
  • Save cropped parts to your computer.
  • Export to video, audio or animated GIF.
  • Take screenshots of YouTube videos.
  • High cropping precision (0.1 sec).
  • Works online, no registration needed.

YTRoulette -
Random YouTube video.

Bolshoi Theatre online -
Live broadcasts from the theater, subscribe to the playlist, watch videos of the productions.

On the YouTube large theater account, you can watch

  • live broadcasts from the theater,
  • subscribe to a playlist,
  • watch rolls of productions.
Not everyone lives in Moscow and not everyone has the opportunity to visit the theater when visiting Moscow and even living in Moscow.

Of course, theater attendance does not compare with broadcasting, but there is an alternative, and it's free.

Google Maps -
Leading the project, more detailed and accurate, in cooperation with NASA Google map.

Leading the project, in cooperation with NASA Google maps more detailed and accurate. If our maps are concentrated mainly around Moscow, something about Russia and the near abroad, then Google is the world leader.

This service spawned a new kind of advertising - on the roofs of houses.

More Google services using maps

  1. Photo on the map.
  2. Personalize Google maps - it's easiest to put a Google map on your site, but in addition, it's easiest to build your service based on Google maps.
  3. Wiki maps - connecting Wikipedia and Google maps.

Timeline -
The timeline on the website or blog.

Interactive timeline to a website or blog. You can place text, pictures, data from Twitter, Wikipedia, Google Maps, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion. The data is stored as a Google Spreadsheet table.

Video education.

North-West State Correspondence Technical University.
Open educational channel.

YouTube -
Video education.

The Global Lecture Hall, where anyone who needs general information about university courses or additional knowledge of a particular subject, can watch educational videos posted by the most prestigious universities in the world, and even participate in their discussion.

YouTube -
Instructions on YouTube.

Linux Video Tutorial.
In this YouTube account, there are a lot of tutorials on Linux and the programs for it: office, GIMP, driver setup, coded ...

Cosmos simple
Videos about space in simple terms.

Videos about space in simple terms.

I use mostly English-language sources of information:

  1. official websites of space agencies,
  2. scientific publications,
  3. lectures by scientists and well-known popularizers of science,
  4. as well as consultations with scientists.


A selection of DIY video tutorials.
Sometimes it's easier to make it yourself than to buy it.

Zillow -
Property Abroad.

The real estate of the world in one place.
Very handy tool that allows sellers and buyers to estimate the value of houses by comparing with other similar offers in this area. My friend in Norway is building business and his growth began after the creation Site. How do people in the west buy houses? Are they looking for among the ads in the newspapers? This is convenient only if the newspaper is at hand and only if the house is bought in our city. And if I decided to move ?? In which newspapers to look for ads? Where to take them?

In the west, in such cases, a search was made on Internet. Not leaving home, very convenient. Now there is a centralization on Internet. The landlord needs one place, in which there is everything - the world database.

These are pretended to be:

  • in the photo area was Flickr, they Going to collect all the photos of the world;
  • YouTube are going to collect all the videos of the world.
So the soil for the appearance of is ready.

Answering Mendeleev
Joint project of Google and Mendeleyev RCTU.

Joint project of Google and Mendeleyev RCTU.
The purpose of the site - to acquaint people with chemistry in an entertaining, simple and clear form.

We learned from school that chemistry is a tedious, boring and absolutely unnecessary science.
Chemical scientists don't agree with us and decided to prove it.

Moscow State University on YouTube -
Video education.

Moscow State University - MVLomonosov Moscow State University.

Videojug -
How it works?

Encyclopedia of life.
VideoJug contains the world's largest film library of training videos, filmed by professionals. There are already about 15,000 videos here, and they touch almost all areas of life - from cooking to creating Hollywood special effects. Users actively comment on the video, so you can evaluate its usefulness even before viewing.

Social authorization on the site.

This service allows you to log in using a different account:

  1. VK
  2. Classmates
  4. Facebook

  5. Twitter
  6. Google
  7. Yandex
  8. LiveJournal
  9. OpenID
  10. Last FM
  11. LinkedIn
  12. Live ID
  13. SoundCloud
  14. Stream
  15. FlickR
  16. Vimeo
  17. YouTube
  18. WebMoney
Surely the user has already logged into one of them and he does not even have to enter a login and password.

Authorization via VK

Authorization via Classmates

Authorization via Facebook
Click "Create a new Application "and on the go.

Authorization through Yandex more details

Authorization via Twitter

The best YouTube.

Daily selection of the best videos from YouTube.

Filtration. You can watch the best videos about cars, sports, cartoons, video jokes, funny animals, video tutorials ...

Getty Images -
Buy photos.

The world's leading photographic agency. Well, in any case, the best of working through Internet. The base has about 150 million photos.
The site does not have a Russian version.

Photos can be bought, and 40 million photos can be used for free for

Active Labour Inspection

Free consultation in labor inspectorate on labor relations.
Here you can apply to the labor inspectorate if our rights are violated or learn how to get out of the problem situations at work.

Performingarts -
Theaters, Google Culture Academy.

Theaters, Google Culture Academy.
Over 60 theaters: Bolshoi Theater, Carnegie Hall, Berlin Philharmonic, Sao Paulo City Theater, Brussels Opera and ...

Website with 3D video. We can visit the theaters and watch the production directly from the stage, choose the angle.

Watch2Gether -
You can use Watch2Gether even without an account..

You can use Watch2Gether even without an account.

Open up the site, create a "room" and send a link to your friends so they can join.

Find the desired video with a search or paste the URL into a line.

And watch the entry together, chatting about it.

Watch2Gether supports not only YouTube, but also Vimeo, Twitch, Deezer and other services.

SyncTube -
SyncTube is simpler than Watch2Gether and works only with YouTube.

SyncTube is simpler than Watch2Gether and works only with YouTube.

The principle is the same - create a "room", specify the desired video and reset the link to your friends. By the way, by the way, sessions are open here by default, and strangers can come to you.

Uncheck the Public checkbox in the settings to disable this feature.

twoseven -
Universal service where you can watch together not only YouTube, but also Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Vimeo, video from your disk or from the network via a direct link.

Universal service where you can watch together not only YouTube, but also Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Vimeo, video from your disk or from the network via a direct link.

twoseven provides an opportunity not only to write off with friends in a text chat while watching, but also to communicate in video chat.

PopScreen -
Bookmarking service for movies.

Make bookmarks on your favorite videos.
We can add other people's videos to your favorites and on YouTube for example.
What's good about this service? - Here you can collect bookmarks from different videos, not only YouTube.
Here you can watch

Song on the Day You Were Born -
What was the most popular song at the time you were born?

What was the most popular song at the time you were born?

How it works

  1. Specify the month, day, and year you were born,
  2. get a result - what song and by which artist was number one on that day.
  3. here you can listen to it and see it in the YouTube video offered (not all songs are offered).This can also be applied to a wedding day or the date of another interesting event.

Geoinformation system using API Google Maps for fishermen.

Geoinformation system using the Google Maps API for fishermen.
The site forms a base for reservoirs, fishing bases and shops in Russia. All information is taken from open sources, sorted by region; Anyone can fill in the database, it's enough to describe the object in a special application, mark it on the mini-map (you can also add a link to the video from YouTube, if any) and send it to the administrator without forgetting Specify your email address.

Sushifan -
Community sushi lovers.

The community of sushi lovers.
Recipes of sushi, rolls, sashimi, onigiri, oso-zusi, gunkany, temaki, futomaki, uramaki and ingredients from which our favorite sushi and rolls are prepared.

  • Everyone can share
  • reviews about visiting Japanese restaurants,
  • opinions about land delivery services, etc.
  • post photos of own sushi or made at visiting Japanese restaurants, as well as photos of sushi from delivery restaurants.
  • post recipes for own sushi,
  • share their impressions, opinions, reviews of visits to Japanese restaurants. These reviews create a rating of restaurants.

France, with love for Paris
About Paris and France.

About Paris and France.

9xbuddy -
Pulls out videos from YouTube, VK, Classmates, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and ...


YouTube, VK, Classmates, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and ...


converts to MP4, 3GP, WEBM, MP3 and M4A.

Naval Museum on Yandex.Maps -
In modern Russia there is no national Gulag Museum.

The Central Naval Museum is one of the oldest museums in Russia and one of the largest maritime museums in the world.

Navigation through the halls through Yandex.Maps. -
An easy way to download YouTube videos.

How it works

  1. Choose the video you want on YouTube,
  2. In the url, add SS before YouTube, it's like
  3. press Enter and get to, 
  4. we can choose whether to download a program for downloading a video or do it through the site, 
  5. Download by selecting the resolution (quality level).

VK Video Transfer
Service for quickly transferring videos from YouTube.

SaveVideo.Me -
Pulls out videos from Facebook, Coub, Dailymotion, Smotri, Vimeo, Twitter and ...


Facebook, Coub, Dailymotion, Smotri, Vimeo, Twitter and ...

Google -
Guide to Child Safety on Internet.

Google has created a simple and intuitive guide that describes simple ways to protect children in Internet space, how to set up various Google services (search, YouTube, Google Photos ...), Android ... .

  • Google security tools
  • How to report inappropriate content
  • Partner recommendations
  • Video tips from parents
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Asked Questions

GULAG History Museum -
The official website of the Gulag Museum.

The official website of the Gulag Museum.

On the site you can find out what to expect from visiting the museum, where it is located, contacts.
However, if you do not have the opportunity to visit Moscow, the site has a lot of important information.

Yandex Academy - School of Webmasters
Creation and promotion of the websites.

In the School of Webmasters of Yandex, experts from different areas of the Internet industry share their experience with beginners and experienced webmasters.
Experts talk about the main stages of the creation and development of the site: from writing a technical assignment to promotion in search engines, web analytics and evaluation of what was done.

WVBS Online Bible School -
A division of World Video Bible School.

A division of World Video Bible School.
Free (at the moment) bible video courses online.
It's not just a record of a good lecture of the Bible school, but a professional, quality visual video.

Pause For Later -
Put on YouTube pause.

Put YouTube on pause.
Of course, you can watch the video on YouTube, and then continue to watch from the same place.
But this can only be done by fresh, pausing.
And what if you Already watched a few movies after that, and even a very long time passed many, months or years.
And you already do not remember what the movie is called to just ask it in search.
Here you can put a pause and when you need, just continue to watch.

Lyrics -

Social project with lyrics.
Search for artists and song names. You can search in alphabetical order.

On the page of the YouTube player song, for convenience, there are other songs from the album, links to users who like this song, adding it to a personal playlist, a concert calendar with links to online sales points Tickets to them.

Screencast-O-Matic -
Screencast online.

Record video from the screen on the fly.
Record what's happening on the computer screen and send it to YouTube.
You can also record video from a webcam and save to MP4, AVI and FLV.

The limitation is 15 minutes.

Video tutorials and instructions.

Interactive training television.
This service enables users to get a video response (in the form of a screencast) on the raised question on computer subjects (for various programs, Internet services and ...). The project provides not only a video responses service, But also other standard web 2.0 social services, as well as the ability to watch screencasts-reviews on novelties in the world of IT and Internet. The main application is getting the most necessary and useful information about computers, as well as the opportunity to learn news in this area, to be constantly up to date with the latest developments. Video tutorials about computers and modern technologies using Internet, and also to be in the know The latest events from the world of IT.


TubeOffline -
Pulls out videos from VK, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Dailymotion and ...


VK, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Dailymotion and ...


converts to MP4, 3GP, WEBM and MP3.

GodTube -
Christian video hosting.

The name of the site GodTube (God - God, Tube - tube or tube of TV, on the slang "TV", type as our "box") speaks for itself. This service is similar to YouTube, only adhering to Christian themes and ethics.


The maximum movie size is 100 Mb, not longer than 30 minutes.


  • .3gp
  • .mp4
  • .mov
  • .asf
  • .flv
  • .mpg
  • .avi
  • .mpeg
  • .wmv
  • .rm

Scribd -
Hosted documents.

We upload documents in the formats PDF, PS, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPS, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, SXW, ODS, SXC, TXT, RTF, all formats of OpenDocument and StarOffice documents.
The visitor does not need to download and view them In the corresponding program, and suddenly it does not.
A special Flash program will show him any of these files.

Something similar is on YouTube - we load videos in different formats and all of them are played by one player.
Another "borrowed" from YouTube - codes that allow you to insert it on the pages of sites and blogs.

After downloading

  • we determine how the document will look: as one Sheet, book, slideshow or tile,
  • define the category,
  • give a description,
  • give the access level, its rights,
  • determine in which format the visitors can download the document: DOC, PDF, TXT.
  • we allow or not comments,
  • we can specify the language, author, publisher, url of the source ...
Well, everything else inherent in social networks is present.

Xtranormal -
Make your movie.

A cool site, we make ourselves a cartoon.
Register, create a cartoon of the blanks, then give them images, select the background, sound, determine when the camera enters ...
You can then send it to yourself on YouTube.

Video education.

Moscow State Institute of International Relations, University of Foreign Affairs Russia.

YouTube channels with studies -
Tutorials English.

American English with short dictation and pronunciation. -

Useful grammar lessons. -

Tune My Music -
Transfer your music library from one service to another.

Transfer your music library from one service to another.
Supports Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Deezer,, iTunes, Amazon Music, Groove, Pandora, Rdio, Tidal, deezer.

Not so long ago we had to store our music collections on records, cassettes, discs and in MP3 players. We always had to carry our music with us.

Today, this is simply not necessary, thanks to the emergence of streaming services.
But what happens if you want to change your device and transfer music from Spotify to Deezer? Or maybe you found a great YouTube playlist, and you want to listen to it in Spotify? Perhaps you just want to transfer your playlist to one of the broadcast services.

TuneMyMusic allows you to solve all these problems.

Video recipes.

Internet portal: recipes, video recipes, salad recipes, useful tips, culinary articles.
A collection of culinary recipes with photos, video instructions and cooking tips. The recipes themselves are stored on YouTube or other videohostings.

YooDownload -
Pulls out videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ...


YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ...


converts to MP4, 3GP, WEBM and MP3.

Euronews 360 -
Panoramic video on the Euronews channel on YouTube technology.

Euronews began to make programs in a panorama format, where we ourselves can rotate the video in any direction.
It's sensible to make spectacular stories or mass ones. Sometimes the whole picture is not included in the screen, the panoramic video solves this problem.

The technology was created together with YouTube. In fact, YouTube technology is simply used, and Euronews only made its player.


Matrix of chess game lovers! :)

Now available:

  • news,
  • online game,
  • hall of fame,
  • videos,
  • forum,
  • blogs,
  • tasks.
To leave comments, keep your chess blog, communicate with other participants, and, of course, be the first in the hall of fame, and maybe something else interesting - you need to become a member of the project.

Become a member very simple! We open the registration, enter the email, read the rules carefully, agree, get the letter, go to the cherished link - and now you are already a full participant!

So, the main page, learn the events of the chess world, portal news, play, solve problems. Finding the right solution to develop thinking!

Available chess in real time. You can join an existing game or create your own. Quickly and simply! The list of all participants by the number of points can be found in the Hall of Glory. For the first place the gold cup in the hall and the gold crown in the profile, for the second silver cup and the silver crown. Are you still in the first position? Play, train and everything will turn out! Your thoughts, feelings, words .. everything is here. Blogs can be seen by all users, or only you. Depends on the setting when creating a blog. Comments are welcome! At the forum we discuss the theory and practice of the chess game and all that is connected with it. We collect, watch, evaluate chess video (only with YouTube). Video is not on the chess topic will be deleted. If you are bored, you can chat online with those who are on the site like you are now chatting.

Blip FM -
Create your radio.

Radio on the principle of Twitter.
It's like a DJ gave a short text (no more than 150 characters) to the song.

You can add other DJs to your friends.
Here is the currency of Credits. At registration 10 credits are given. It's possible to earn money if you are loved.
That is, it's convenient to be hugging each other, otherwise.

It's not difficult to broadcast, we do not rock anything, just call the song and it's taken from YouTube search, add our text and forward. Just add water: from freetonik on Vimeo.

YouGlish -
Use YouTube to improve your English pronunciation.

Use YouTube to improve your English pronunciation.
With more than 40M tracks, YouGlish gives you fast, unbiased answers about how English is spoken by real people and in context.

Set a short sentence or a turn and listen to how it is used in speech.

Supported languages

English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese.

RIVYT Media -
Online business card from YouTube channel.

Online business card from YouTube channel.

You are offered templates with which you can make a business card from your channel on YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo or Wista.

Who will it be interesting? For those who create video and offer their services. Here, by and large, a large site is not required, it is important to have a portfolio of video work.

Free account up to 20 videos.

Videos on the site.

Video hosting and video search.

Video search

Currently, the system indexes the contents of nine videohostings:
  1. VIDEO Mail.Ru,
  3. Loadup,
  4. LiveInternet, Myvi,
  5. Video.I.UA,
  6. Some of the Russian-language users' videos on,
  7. Metacafe.
The work of the service is based on the use of the mechanism and index base of the search engine GoGo.Ru, the developers of which were the first in the Russian Internet to offer users a video search.
The number of indexed videos in the database of the service currently stands at about 835,000 files.
The value of this indicator is continuously growing, thanks to the appearance of a new video on already indexed resources, the addition of previously not covered video hosting sites to the database, and also by improving the search engine for videos posted by Russian-speaking users on foreign resources.

Video Hosting was the first to make it possible to publish and view HD video.

Limit on the video - 5 Gb.
You can download from a computer or from a link from the Internet.
There is a possibility of creating albums.
Judging by the fact that I have not rarely met pirated films - there are no filters and no restrictions on copyright.

Hosting organized video broadcasts, but only several times with official organizations - Talk and Putin, etc.

Basics of programming for geographers
GIS programming.

YouTube channel Easy German
Channel about German language and German culture.

YouTube channel Preparing for the exam in physics
A graduate of Moscow State University and a Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences talks about the theory and examines problems. In open access, not everything, but what is there, can greatly help.

YouTube channel Skill up
Lectures on physics and problem analysis.

YouTube -
Videos on the site.

Sign up

  1. Click on Share,
  2. then click on HTML code,
  3. the already highlighted code appears on the form, it is copied.
If you are not satisfied with the size, then click MORE. A video player will appear, and below it select the sizes in the drop-down list.

Select the appropriate one and copy the code again from the form in step 3.

YouTube channel GetAClass - Just Math
Figurative video tutorials in mathematics.

YouTube -
Video Hosting


The user is offered:
  1. short videos, full-length movies, streaming.
  2. Official and artisanal.
TV Channels offer broadcast via YouTube (extremely rare) and a news archive.

Movies are offered to watch mostly paid, there are free, and pirated, but in very different capacities, often in low and live may not last long.

Videooblogers - like TV channels, use streaming and as an archive.

News - there are news stories, not just TV channels.

Education, instructions - for example, lessons on the use of software products or in general lessons.

Official accounts - as a rule, serious sites (not only sites) can get an account, and here to keep high-quality videos describing their field of activity, site operation, etc.

Amateur videos, there is usually a porridge, mostly of poor quality and interesting only to close friends.

When we use, we can share videos with friends on our social networks, add to favorites on your YouTube account. The more we use, the more our YouTube feed becomes suggestions and recommendations. So we find more interesting.


Sign up Humanity video store.

Upload your videos and view others by topic and category.
Limit: movie up to 20 Gb, time limit 15 minutes. But it will be easily removed if you did not violate anything and confirmed your account by mobile phone.
After registration confirmation you can upload video up to 128 GB, up to 12 hours.
Record video via webcam. Download from mobile phone - send videos using MMS.


  • WebM - video codec Vp8 and Vorbis audio codecs
  • MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV - usually support h264 and MPEG4 video codecs, as well as the AAC audio codec.
  • AVI - many cameras create videos in this format, usually using MJPEG video codec and PCM audio codec
  • MPEG PS - usually support MPEG2 video codec and MP2 audio codec
  • WMV.
  • FLV b> - Adobe-FLV1 video codec and MP3 audio codec are used.


Audio files (MP3, WAV, etc.), as well as image files (JPG, PNG, etc.) can be converted to rollers with slideshows.


  • assign a rating of one to five stars;
  • send to a friend for review;
  • save to favorites stored in your YouTube profile;
  • send a video to a group (this is something like clubs for interests);
  • leave your comment on those
  • write in your blog about this video with the ability to play it on your page, and get a link to the video and send all contacts from your IM client;
  • look similar, in the opinion of the service, videos;
  • look at other videos of the user;
  • complain about a video that does not meet your moral standards.
Optimized for different mobile phone models.
Requirements - built-in video streaming (RTSP/3GP and H263/AMR).

It remains to add that such a successful project was bought Google for more than one and a half billion dollars in Google shares.

YouTube channel Stephenina
A graduate of the MSU and a tutor with 12 years of experience examines the demo-variants of the USE and lectures on the school curriculum.

YouTube channel Valery Volkov
More than 2000 video lessons on school and higher mathematics.

How to create a channel -
Create a channel in your YouTube account

Create a channel in your YouTube account

How to create a channel

  • Open YouTube on your computer or go to your mobile site.
  • Upload video, leave a comment or create a playlist.
  • We will be asked to create a channel.
  • If the name and icon are correct, and confirm the creation of the channel.

YouTube channel Informatic BU
Analysis of tasks of subscribers, including EGE

YouTube channel Chemistry
Visual videos with experiments and explanations.

YouTube -
Video hosting HD.

Leading video hosting. Uploading your videos and viewing others by topic and category.
Limit: file to 2 Gb, <15 minutes maximum.
Download from mobile phone - send videos via MMS.
Formats - WMV, AVI, MOV and MPG.


  • assign a rating of one to five stars;
  • send to a friend for reference;
  • Save to favorites, which is stored in your YouTube profile;
  • send the video to a group (this is something like clubs for interests);
  • leave your comment text or video;
  • write in your blog about this video with the ability to play it on your page, and get a link to the video and send all contacts from your IM client;
  • look similar, in the opinion of the service, videos;
  • view other user videos;
  • complain about a video that does not meet your moral standards.
Mobile version -
Optimized for different mobile phone models.
Requirements - built-in streaming video streaming technologies (RTSP/3GP and H263/AMR).

It remains to add that such a successful project was bought by Google for more Than a half billion dollars in Google shares.

YouTube channel
Video lessons on the pronunciation of Spanish from the author of textbooks George Nuzhdina.

YouTube -
Video hosting without compression - Full HD.

YouTube supports video at 4096×3072 (4k).
This means that your original video is saved, of course, the visitor can choose a lighter option.
But this video can be viewed in high quality on a screen with a diagonal of 7 meters.

You can upload or see
However, if you put the player on Your site, then there Original (the original size) will not be.

YouTube channel of Alexander Becker
Tips for learning the language from the teacher, who in the course talks about life in Germany.

YouTube 3D -
3D video.

Customize 3D for viewing

Three-dimensional videos appeared on YouTube. They found one of the users of the service YuriyTheBest, as reported on the official forum. To watch the video, you will need special glasses, and the authors of the videos should use the "yt3d: enable=true" tag.

One of the YouTube engineers is working on adding a 3D video viewer to the program that allows employees Google dedicates up to 20 percent of the working time to projects that interest them. The allotted time was spent on developing a stereoscopic player. The project has not received additional support from YouTube, the development is still only one programmer.

Shazam -
Search songs by melody.

A simple application, like a website, you can start using Facebook accounts or register.
We share the application with a fragment of the melody with anything - radio, television, cinema, club ...
The program is looking for its extensive database And as a result gives us a link to YouTube with this song.
Why YouTube? Probably to hear and see.

YouTube channel Pro English -
Analysis of all tasks EGE.

YouTube 360
Panoramic video on YouTube.

How to upload a panoramic video to YouTube

Video hosting YouTube allows you to watch a panoramic video or create and upload Himself.

Well, first of all, the word is loaded, loudly said, and refers to very few.
This is not a normal video hosting, where you can upload video to any phone. Here you already need special equipment and skills.

It will take a

  1. panoramic camera, there is a better and comparatively cheaper, but worse,
  2. video processing software,
  3. ideally a drone is needed that will remove the video on the move, that More effective.
So the occupation is not cheap.

In addition, the vast majority of people - photographers and videographers are none. We understood this as soon as the photo and video became public.
And if you do not know how to find the right perspective, place, dynamics, then you will suffer a great disappointment - to spend on expensive equipment and no one will want to look.

But when the videos are made by specialists, the look becomes fascinating and we feel as if we are traveling and looking where we want.
You get some effect of presence.

Lectures on literature on the channel Culture
68 lectures on Russian literature.

Polyglot. Learn German in 16 hours
Video tutorials from the polyglot Dmitry Petrov.

Polyglot. Learn Spanish in 16 hours
Video tutorials from the polyglot Dmitry Petrov.

Dailymotion -
Video hosting HD.

This is the 2nd most popular video hosting site, after YouTube.
The main goal of this video hosting is not so much storage, as the exchange of video with friends and acquaintances.
It's nice that there is a Russian version, even a domain in the RU zone bought, but it immediately redirects you to COM.

Limit: there are no restrictions either by place or by quantity.

Quality in high resolution.

In addition to just a collection of videos, there are:

  • Videos,
  • channels,
  • movies and TV,
  • communities,
  • subscription.
Just go through the menu and everything will become clear.


Unfortunately, the service is able to navigate only in the Western world:
  1. 2011 is blocked in Kazakhstan.
  2. 2012 is blocked in India. Then, only access to the URL containing pirated content is blocked.
  3. 2017 blocked in Russia on the complaint of the channel Friday! due to copyright infringement.

Polyglot. Learn French in 16 hours
Video tutorials from the polyglot Dmitry Petrov.

Interactive Russian language tutorial
35 lectures from teachers of Moscow State University, MIPT and HSE.

Anecdote Show
Anecdote Show with Vadim Galygin.

Anecdote Show with Vadim Galygin.
Actually the site itself was created as an advertisement for the show, which you can order for a corporate party .... But there is quite a lot of good video material.

Pop, movie and political stars compete in the ability to tell funny jokes every Sunday at 20:00.

Museums on YouTube -
Created page from the Google project with 17 leading museums of the world, including the Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery.

Created a page from the Google project with 17 leading museums around the world, including the Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery GoogleArtProject

  1. Frick Collection, New York - USA
  2. Berlin Picture Gallery, Berlin - Germany
  3. Uffizi Gallery, Florence - Italy
  4. The State Museum, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
  5. The Queen's Museum Sofia, Madrid - Spain
  6. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam - Netherlands
  7. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid - Spain
  8. Tate Gallery, London - United Kingdom
  9. Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York - USA
  10. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - USA
  11. Freer Art Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, District of Columbia - USA
  12. Kampa Museum, Prague - Czech Republic
  13. National Gallery, London - United Kingdom
  14. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow - Russia
  15. Versailles Palace - France
  16. The State Hermitage, St. Petersburg - Russia

Roomtodo -
Planning furniture.

This is a domestic development, designed for new settlers and planning to renovate the premises. The project works directly in the browser and stores the result on the server. If desired, the resulting design can be published on Facebook or embedded into your site (like a YouTube movie). The program has a simple intuitive interface and the whole process of work is more like a game than working with professional software, while the picture is obtained Pretty enough.

There are 4 modes:

  1. construction (for building walls),
  2. 2D,
  3. 3D,
  4. first-person mode, which allows you to walk through the interior, controlling the camera with the help of Mouse and keyboard, as in modern shooters.
In Roomtodo there is not yet an opportunity to add your objects (developers promise that this function will appear), but if you are not a professional interior designer, then the available catalog is enough to create interiors of different styles.

The catalog has furniture, plumbing fixtures, lamps, various decorations and coatings for walls and floors, as well as structural elements (windows, doors, columns, stairs, etc.).

There are also materials and objects for the infield, but it is obvious that the main application for Roomtodo is the interior.

Interactive history tutorial
20 history lectures from Foxford online school. Lectures are given by teachers from Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, HSE.

Interactive textbook on computer science
206 lectures on computer science from Foxford online school. The classes are taught by teachers from Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and the Higher School of Economics.

Informatics | Preparing for the exam 2018
70 videos of tasks of the Unified State Exam.

YouTube Musiс -

Few Russian music,
slightly more foreign music than on Yandex,
more expensive - 189 rubles. Per month.

Also allows you to download music, so Internet is not always needed, which is important for Russia.

Like Yandex, there is a radio accordin

Biology | Preparing for the exam 2018
29 videos from Foxford online school with a review of the tasks of the exam in biology.

YouTube Artists -
Sell music.

Allows musicians to sell their songs directly.
Now Russian musicians can use this service.

Musicians can set prices for their music and determine the policy of its distribution, and listeners - enjoy your creativity on Android-devices anywhere in the world.


A one-time fee for creating an artist page is $25.

This allows you to add an unlimited number of tracks, create and edit albums, edit your page and perform all other operations at no additional cost.
The commission from the sale of music is 30%.

Interactive Math Tutorial
23 lectures in mathematics from Foxford online school.

Weebly -
Website Builder.

A nice and functional website designer for a teapot. The most pleasant thing is the integration with popular services, so you simply and quickly add (not upload, but add) YouTube videos or maps from Google Maps.

Interactive Biology Tutorial
25 lectures in biology from the Foxford online school and teachers from Moscow State University, MIPT, HSE.

Physics | Preparing for the exam 2018
19 webinars online school Foxford.

Interactive Physics Tutorial
58 lectures from the online school Foxford, which are taught by lecturers at Moscow State University, MIPT and HSE.

Interactive Chemistry Tutorial
35 lectures from professors of MSU, MIPT, HSE.

Chemistry | Preparing for the exam 2018
Lectures online school Foxford, analysis of tasks.

Playlist Geography
Webinarium - 15 videos with analysis of USE tasks and webinar entries.


Catchvdeo -
Download video from videohousing:,,,,,,,, XFileShare,,,,,,,,,,,,

Pulls video and sound from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and ...


Russian broadcast networks.

Interdenominational Christian TV channel.
Leading Christian television channel. Usually, TV channels broadcast someone's programs, TBN makes its broadcasts, including news reports.

  • Art and documentaries - True family films, full-length animations, as well as documentary films
  • Information programs - Good people and events occur more often, Than it seems. Daily.
  • Spiritual Education Programs - Programs designed to help people understand the true hidden in the Scriptures.
  • Youth programs - Music, programs about extreme sports, as well as other content for young people in a language that she understands.
  • Social programs - Programs dedicated to solving acute social problems. We not only talk about problems, but also offer effective methods for their solution.
  • Children's programs - Exciting programs for children to help parents who bring up their children kind and sympathetic.
The goal of the channel - through programs that affect different areas of life, contribute to the establishment of high culture, morality and morality in society. Spiritual heritage, history, music, social and business spheres - this is far from the full range of topics reflected in programs and films. The channel pays much attention to the opinion of the viewers. Feedback is provided not only through letters and Internet, but also directly through regional offices throughout Russia. TBN news on YouTube


YouTube search history -
Search history on YouTube.

YouTube views -
History on YouTube.


YouTube channel for step by step study of the Arabic alphabet, which explains in detail the features of reading, writing and pronunciation of letters.


Clip Converter -
Audio-video converter.


Website Soyuzmultfilm Film Fund. Here you can watch cartoons.

Site of the Soyuzmultfilm film fund.
Here you can see cartoons.

From Soyuzmultfilm on YouTube.
While a little, but will be added.
This is the official account from Soyuzmultfilm, so everything is legal.


Looks like Socialblade, but for Russian channels. Correctly shows the estimated income of Russian-language channels.

Socialblade -
General information on the dynamics of views, subscribers on the channels, a selection of top channels, indicative data on the earnings of the channel.


Recover lost access to your Google account or YouTube -
Recover your account if you forgot your password or username, what else is there? To us here.


Czech lessons with Czech
Prague Education Center.

16 Czech lessons with a native speaker on Russian-language YouTube.
On the channel you will also find conversational Czech courses and a lot of life hacking for those who want to move.


Animated Gif Maker and Gif Editor -
Convert video YouTube, Vine, Instagramm in the format of an animated GIF file.
You can also translate your video into GIF, simply by dragging and dropping it.

You can create YouTube hyphae by adding 'GIF' at the beginning of the YouTube URL video. After that you will be redirected to Here you can set the beginning and the end of the section to create a picture.



The project of the Museum of Gulag History on video recording of memories of people, through whose destiny mass repressions of the Soviet time passed.

The project of the Museum of Gulag History on video recording of memories of people, through whose destiny mass repressions of the Soviet time passed.


Lena’s RukoTV
Video lessons of the Korean Russian girl who moved to Korea and lived there in 10 years.

Video lessons of the Korean Russian girl who moved to Korea and lived there in 10 years.


I prefer video Yandex search when searching for videos in Russian.

I prefer Yandex video search when looking for videos in Russian. Say, we make a request for 'new york times' or some company, products from the west, YouTube will most likely give out commercials, and Yandex.Video will try to offer videos in Russian before.

In addition, Yandex is wider The search base than, that is, Yandex is looking not only at leading videohosting (, and, but also in the media (First channel, NTV, Culture, News, etc.), online versions of newspapers (Vedomosti, Izvestia, Life, Arguments and Facts, Kommersant, etc.) and online media (,,

Video search is performed using various attributes, such as titles and descriptions of video clips, Tags and the like. The user rating of the videos is taken into account, and in the rest the algorithms of Yandex web search are used.

'We tried to unite everything that people associate with the word 'video' on one service,' says the service manager Denis Tanaev. - First of all, the videos are searched and watched, but also downloaded, collected and discussed. And all this can be done on Yandex.Video.'


Zero Dollar Movie -
Watch hundreds of full movies and documentaries for free.

Collection of 15,000 movies that are available on YouTube for free.
The site indexes only full-length films and no trailers, rentals or partial uploads.
The site is Indian, because there will be a lot of films in Indian.

YouTube - Mosfilm -
A classic for free.

Mosfilm posted the classics on YouTube for free viewing.
The channel features full versions of many famous films. Already available for viewing are such tapes as "Mirror", "Mimino", "Flying Cranes", "Circus", "Viy", "Station for Two" and "Diamond Arm." All pictures will be available to users in Good quality, the authors of the project note. Films are provided with subtitles in English so that foreign audiences can watch them.

The collection of films will be replenished weekly for five paintings.

YouTube -
Online Movies.

Full-length movies on YouTube are free and paid.


Keyword Planner Google AdWords -
Search for new keyword ideas and ad groups.

Keyword Tool
Keywords and topics that people search on YouTube. More than 750+ keywords from YouTube are free.


uCoz -
Website Builder.

SaaS platform, which includes hosting and content management system.

  • Universal site management system (CMS).
  • Hosting with unlimited disk space.
  • A huge number of ready-made designs.
  • Domain in any zone (for example:
  • Mailing addresses are
  • Automatically create a Sitemap.
  • Easily add videos (, etc.).
  • Back up your data.
  • Support and documentation.
  • Extensive community of users.
  • No cost to create and maintain the site.
  • Over 4 years more than 1 000 000 people participants (the most massive).


YouTube -


TheParade -
Online music player from YouTube, Soundcloud and

Online music player from YouTube, Soundcloud and
The player is simple and straightforward. Choose the n tags, according to the list, the Similar tracks button is especially interesting.


Church on Murman
A successful church in the Murmansk region has quality sermon records in audio or video format.

A successful church in the Murmansk region has quality sermon records in audio or video format.


1TV, the Voice 360
Panoramic video on the First TV channel from YouTube.

Panoramic video on the First TV channel.
The videos themselves are stored on YouTube, the channel did not do its own technology.
Unfortunately, while it's not possible to get closer, you can only twist.

Personally, I do not see any special prospects for this type of video. I prefer that the operator twist, select a camera, camera angle. And I'll relax and enjoy myself enjoying the fruit of the work that I do not know how to do.
Nevertheless, these videos are curious to see, you can see how this happens, what the studio looks like, what remains behind the scenes.


Official YouTube Blog -
Official YouTube Blog.

YouTube Creator Blog
The official YouTube blog for video creators.

YouTube Engineering and Developers Blog -
For developers.

YouTube Trends -
Blog for developers.


Frequency -
TV + YouTube.

Of the YouTube videos created non-sprying broadcast, a kind of television, look, until you get bored.
Of course, there are online things to keep, share.
And non-Internet - switch the channel.

YouTube broadcast -
Broadcast streaming video via YouTube.

Streaming video streaming via YouTube.
Some TV channels use this stream. This is usually TV channels earning on advertising on air. For example. Muz TV, Russia 24, 112 Ukraine.
For paid TV channels there will be a separate service where it will be necessary to pay the subscription.


LearnCode. Academy -
100% FREE Web Development tutorials, web site design tutorials and more.

Programming Knowledge -
Video lessons on coding.