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Search songs by melody

To you, the intrusive melody stuck, and what kind of song does not remember.
The Internet rushes to your aid.

True there are special programs for installing to computer or a smartphone. But I do not see the point of overloading a computer or a smartphone just to find out once again what kind of song it is.
Online services will cope with this task without having stolen from our equipment resources.

Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Apple
Used: YouTube.

address: USA, Cupertino, Apple Park Way, CA 95014


A simple application, like a website, you can start using Facebook accounts or register.
We share the application with a fragment of the melody with anything - radio, television, cinema, club ...
The program is looking for its extensive database And as a result gives us a link to YouTube with this song.
Why YouTube? Probably to hear and see.

iTunes Android


Click "Click and Sing or Hum" under "The ultimate music search".
We need a microphone and we just humming the best melody.
If you are as musical as I am, you can ask a member of the family who does it best. However, we can try it ourselves, suddenly lucky.

iTunes Android

address: Germany


We can play a melody on a virtual piano, write notes or sing through a microphone.


Find a song from the movie.
You can choose the name of the movie, for the actor, just set the search.
We receive a film broken into an episode where the song and information about the song sounds.
About 100 000 songs, 35 300 artists, more than 35 000 episodes and films, more than half a million stories in 13 countries.


The site is looking for a title by track.
We either download a file with music, or we specify a link to such a file on Internet.

address: Russia


The name itself says that the song is searched for by rhythm, just tapping it on the keyboard.
Since many songs can be similar, it is searched among hits.
Choose first - classical music or variety.
There is a hit parade, something that is sear