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Here are presented only decent and most popular online theaters, there is paid content and free, but everything is licensed.

There are many sites where free you can download or watch pirates, but there is a great chance to get a virus or not what you need. Yes, and you can not endlessly download movies, where?
These issues are solved by licensed online theaters.

  1. - VK Video Transfer - Service for quickly transferring videos from YouTube.


Online cinema.


  1. Windows XP and above,
  2. Intel Pentium III 550 Mhz and above,
  3. Internet Explorer 7.0 and above,
  4. SilverLight plug-in for Internet Explorer,
  5. Windows compatible sound card,
  6. Internet channel not below 1 megabit.
Free of charge more than 500 classic movies. Among the available films will be both novelties and classics, for example, the works of Sergei Eisenstein, Ivan Pyriev, Gregory Alexandrov.

In addition to the films, the portal will also be available television series: 'Eternal Call', 'Adjutant of His Excellency', Change and others. The site will be made in Russian and English, all films will also have subtitles in both languages.


  1. through one of two virtual cinemas, on which films will be displayed according to the schedule. At the initial stage, this way of viewing will be free for the consumer, and the display will be accompanied by advertising.
  2. Viewing for 25 rubles - in this case, the user will be able to view it at any convenient time, the functions of rewinding and pause will be available.
  3. Download for $65 and then watch it on your computer an unlimited number of times.
Movies will be set at a bit rate of 1-1.5Mbps, high-definition video (HDTV) and video for mobile phones. In this case, the files will be protected from copying by DRM technology.



Series and movies in high quality.

The First Channel produces documentaries, serials and movies.
It also broadcasts popular films.
On this site you may see most of this without advertising for a fairly low fee or you can pay a subscription for a month - only 1 ruble per day. Pay for a subscription will be cheaper than paying for one movie, so it's better to try.

If anyone watches the First Channel through the Internet, he knows that there are films and programs that are banned from broadcasting over the Internet. The reason is that it's so easy to make a quality copy and upload to pirated sites.
So not all the films that First shows, you can see here.
Also once the right to broadcast ends.

As for the films made by the First or by order, with the participation of the First one, you can always find it here.

You can pay for subscriptions and watch movies on your computer, mobile, TV, when it's more convenient.

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Online aggregator of TV channels and cinema.
Here you can watch TV, there is a free, paid and subscription.
It'll be free with a commercial.

Free TV channels

  • First
  • Russia 1
  • Culture
  • Russia 24
  • Ren TV
  • STS
  • Domashny
  • CTC Love
  • What!
  • Izvestia
About 40 more by subscription.

Cinema, TV series, show

You can watch movies, TV shows, TV shows, there is a special section for children.
Good player, high quality.

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Around the TV

Leading online TV guide of Runet.
This is a TV guide, an encyclopedia of television and a community.
You can use the program, discuss your favorite programs, add information about them, participate in contests, talk with the stars and much more.

Key features:

  1. First-hand - the portal constantly communicates with television channels to provide the latest news, exclusive content and make television stars closer to users 'Around the TV', inviting them to direct participation in the project.
  2. Open Encyclopedia of Television - you can participate by adding and changing information in descriptions of television products or stars: annotations, photos, videos, reviews.
  3. Convenient live community - vote for actors or serials, write your reviews, discuss news with other users, participate in contests, get prizes.
  4. The most complete program on Internet. You can choose any channel packages, including regional versions, customize genres and favorite programs, output in a variety of formats, print, comment, watch detailed announcements and so on.
  5. A TV alarm clock. You can subscribe to page updates on your favorite programs and after that watch all updates on one page - exactly what interests you personally.


Online cinema.
Free-of-charge films, serials, cartoons and TV programs are free.

We recommend

It is enough to download, that it is the most popular online runet movie theater.
Good enough quality and does not brake even
High quality pictures.
Unfortunately, not all movies can be stretched to the full screen. earns on advertising because almost everything is free. Advertising revenue will be shared between the portal and the copyright holder. In total, more than 60,000 licensed films, cartoons, programs, programs from hundreds of copyright holders with which Digital Access entered into contracts have been posted on the site. First of all, the portal is oriented to showing Russian films.

The base of films is decent.


Paid Full HD, channels marked with a plus.
For a monthly fee all restrictions are removed and advertising is removed.
400 rub. Per month is still cheaper than paying for viewing each film.


  1. on LG, Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony TVs with Smart TV technology;
  2. on the computer through the browser;
  3. On mobile devices through the app.

Integration with VK, Facebook ...

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reliable site

Owner: Amazon

address: USA, Seattle

IMDb Freedive

Free streaming movie service with commercial breaks.
Quite a large base of films. Of course, movies in English.
Paid for advertising pauses. Available in the USA for IMDb and Amazon users.

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Okko Movies

Unlike IVI, OKKO is fully paid, therefore it is much smaller than users.
But if you are more comfortable with the paid version for IVI, why not consider OKKO as an option?


  1. on LG, Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony TVs with Smart TV technology;
  2. on the computer through the browser;
  3. On mobile devices through the app.

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reliable site

Owner: VK Group
address: Russia, Moscow

VK Video

A platform that combines videos and broadcasts from all platforms of the VK ecosystem: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and others.

Millions of original videos for every taste.
Movies, series, cartoons, TV shows, videos from users and exclusive projects.
Free and in quality up to 4K, auto-upgrade.
Ability to transfer videos from YouTube.

Artificial intelligence recommendation system.
Online and for installation on Samsung, LG and Android TVs.


One of the largest in the runet libraries licensed cinema in partnership with the well-known producer company Star Media. Within the framework of Tvigle cooperation, 60 full-length telefilms and 20 serials with a total duration of more than 1000 hours are offered free of charge. The first series of 9 serials and 10 full-length telefilms have already been published. Among them - rating projects 'Sisters by Blood', 'Hot Ice', 'Urban Romance', 'Hold Me Harder', as well as telefilms 'Shiroka River', 'Psychopath', 'Loved for hire', ' Etc. New series will appear daily.


  1. on LG Samsung Philips Toshiba Panasonic and Sony TVs with Smart TV technology;
  2. on the computer through the browser;
  3. On mobile devices through the app.

Tvigle Turbo

more than 10000 of the most interesting films and serials

Tvigle Humor

More than 2000 funny videos: movies cartoons shows anecdotes;"

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reliable site
address: Russia


The online movie theater of the studio Yellow, Black and White".
Naturally, the company does not only post their films, but only new ones, so there is no free account.
You can use it for free for a week and try it out.


reliable site

Owner: Rostelecom

address: Russia


Over 300 TV channels, 20 free.
Up to 4K quality.
  • Football broadcasts.
  • Movies, films, series, cartoons.
  • TV channels without commercials.
A distinctive feature - when buying a tariff, we do not buy everything, a lot of tariffs up to 1800 rubles. per month, but that's not all, if we want everything, we'll have to buy more.
Too expensive in my opinion.

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Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Google
Used: YouTube.
address: USA


Full-length movies on YouTube are free and paid.


International online cinema and Internet television.
This is the world's leading media provider, which is rapidly growing by taking its audience away from TV channels.

~4000 films.
Netflix produces its movies, soap operas and TV shows.


The first month is free. This is not a tester, but a bonus. That is, you will still need to register your card or PayPal.
  • Basic - 8 € per month - on one screen with SD quality,
  • standard - 10 € per month - on two screens in HD,
  • premium - 12 € per month - on four in Ultra HD, where available.

How it works

Registration in English
  • Click the red TRY 30 DAYS FREE button.
  • We will have to specify the card or Paypal.
  • Choose what we will be watching:
    • phone or tablet,
    • computer or laptop,
    • PlayStation,
    • Xbox,
    • Apple TV.
  • Enter our name, how to contact us.
  • Select 3 episodes to make the system understand your taste to build a grid of your preference.
  • Movies in Russian can be found at link.


View available
  • Through your browser online,
  • via iOS and Android apps,
  • on Smart TVs,
  • in Apple TV set-top boxes,
  • in game consoles.

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The main TV premieres before being aired on TV.
Exclusive TV series that will never be shown on TV.
Collections of shows, programs and movies without advertising.
Online broadcasts of popular TV channels in high quality.
You can take the series or show with you by downloading it to your phone or tablet.

Subscription - 129 rub./mes.

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address: Russia

Russion serials

Enjoying free online Russian TV shows in HD quality.

The site is simple, nothing superfluous. YouTube player.

Registration is not required.

Zero Dollar Movie

Collection of 15,000 movies that are available on YouTube for free.
The site indexes only full-length films and no trailers, rentals or partial uploads.
The site is Indian, because there will be a lot of films in Indian.


Encyclopedia of movies where you can read the description of films and get other information. Watch movies online, and download for free.


News of music, cinema and show business.
Daily news feed.