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English videotutorials

  1. youtube.com/channel/UCWihhVhYSjTOsSR - YouTube channel Pro English - Analysis of all tasks EGE.
  2. youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFKp3jApY - Tips for learning English - Playlist on the channel of a girl who lives in America and knows four languages.
  3. youtube.com/MinooAngloLink/ - YouTube channels with studies - Tutorials English.
  4. youtube.com/dailydictation - American English with short dictation and pronunciation.
  5. englishaddict.uk - Useful grammar lessons.

English with Marina Ozerova

English conversation course online.
The course is paid, but the channel on Youtube is free.

In any case, everyone teaches it. Nobody teaches on lectures at all.
Lectures are conducted as a robot, focusing on the average student. Something will be clear to you, something will be past.
This is why the lecture helps someone who is learning for themselves, not teaching.

This way I won't recommend a paid course here, it's not worth it. And from the video you can find something useful.


English language online through movies, clips and audiobooks from native speakers.
At the moment there are 3,000,000 users.
There is a Russian version, the service is free, later there will be additional paid functions and a bonus system.

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