Ph4 / France / Paris

Ph4 / France / Paris

Meilleurs Agents -
address: 7 Boulevard Haussmann 75009
tel.: +33 1 45-66-24-24
Real estate of France on the map.


The real estate of France on the map.
Service on Google maps.
The cost is marked with color for clarity. That simplifies the search for housing according to our budget.
If you click on any place, we will get more detailed information.

BlaBlaCar -
Leading travel community, marketplace, bringing together drivers and passengers who are on the way.


A leading community of Travel agencies, a platform that unites drivers and passengers along the way.

What we need for a long trip is to find the cheapest and most comfortable way to do it.
That's why this site was created. Do you see? Let's say you go by train, and there they begin to cudgle demobals, usually they are harmless, funny, but you can not sleep ...

Especially if you are planning not to go by yourself, but to transfer the associated cargo.
Recently, the service has become paid for passengers. They will have to pay a percentage through the site. The further, the percentage is less. On short trips - 20%.


  1. More than 25 millions of users,
  2. 10 million people travel quarterly,
  3. 22 Countries: Belgium, Brazil, Great Britain, Hungary, Holland, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Croatia and the Czech Republic,
  4. 2.8 people - the average occupancy of the car BlaBlaCar (against the usual 1.7),
  5. more than 2 million available for booking seats,
  6. more 3 billion kilometers of published routes, you can 80,535 times about ognut land,
  7. about 275 million € saved our drivers,
  8. savings of the order of 700 thousand tons of emissions CO2.

Cleanfox -
address: 1 rue de Metz 75010
Clean your Inbox, Save the Earth.


Clean your Inbox, Save the Earth.
This is the slogan of the site. The bottom line is that our information is on servers that consume energy. Let's drop the subtleties, as a result: when sending each newsletter, 10 grams of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere. 90% of such emails never open ...

While cleaning our mailbox, we release the server and reduce the load on them, as a result, we reduce the level of CO2 emissions and protect the earth.

The principle of the site - the automation of detection of debris and mail, which we will never need, thus freeing up part of our mailbox.

Reporters Without Borders -
address: 75083 Paris Cedex 02
tel.: +33 1 44 83 84 84
Protection of Journalists.


Fr. Reporters sans frontières is an international public organization advocating freedom of expression throughout the world.
Languages: French. English, Arabic. RBG using international law is fighting against censorship and for the release of journalists imprisoned because of their professional activities.

If you feel that you have a lack of freedom or oppression in your country, contact this Site for help and advice.
For example, the organization made a mirror of the infamous Wikileaks site.

University of Notre Dame -

École Polytechnique -

France, with love for Paris -
About Paris and France.


About Paris and France.

Parismuseumpass -
Museum on the map.


Paris has many museums and therefore it is obvious that a map can be useful here.
The site does not have Russian, there are French, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Korean.

Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda -
address: 1234-22 K, La Banque Postale
World non-national association.


(Sennacieca Asocio Tutmonda, SAT)
Initially, the Association consisted of anarchists, social democrats and communists.

The goal is to help world progress, through

  • mutual understanding,
  • informing,
  • clarity,
  • improving life,
  • the solution of all of the above is offered through Esperanto.

Musicovery -
Music for any mood.


Music under the mood.
We go and see the mood map, we poke into the area that is closer to our mood.
You can choose a style, on the scale choose closer to the hit or novelties.
And you can use the search and select

  • Energetic - vigorously,
  • Dark - sadness,
  • Positive - positive,
  • Calm - quietly,
  • Hits - hits,
  • Discovery - new items (discoveries).
  • Tune My Music -
    address: 12 rue d'Athènes 75009
    Transfer your music library from one service to another.


    Transfer your music library from one service to another.
    Supports Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Deezer,, iTunes, Amazon Music, Groove, Pandora, Rdio, Tidal, deezer.

    Not so long ago we had to store our music collections on records, cassettes, discs and in MP3 players. We always had to carry our music with us.

    Today, this is simply not necessary, thanks to the emergence of streaming services.
    But what happens if you want to change your device and transfer music from Spotify to Deezer? Or maybe you found a great YouTube playlist, and you want to listen to it in Spotify? Perhaps you just want to transfer your playlist to one of the broadcast services.

    TuneMyMusic allows you to solve all these problems.

    Sepiatown -
    Old photos on the map.


    Old photos of the whole world on a map from Google.
    Users from all over the world spread old photos, postcards, prints. The pictures show the place on the map. The user, therefore, sees what was in this place in the past.

    Click on the then/now link and see the location on the map then and now, as you see below. You can compare how it was and how it is.

    If you need to see the location of the location on the map, click on the map view link.

    The site is quite young and just started to fill. Here are represented New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Moscow. So connect.

    DxOMark -
    address: 24-26 Quai Alphonse Le Gallo, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
    Established in 2008, DxOMark is an independent benchmark that scientifically assesses image quality of smartphones, lenses and cameras.


    Established in 2008, DxOMark is an independent benchmark that scientifically assesses image quality of smartphones, lenses and cameras.

    The result of a rigorous scientific protocol using industry-grade lab tools, the DxOMark score sums up our assessment of a devices’ photo and video quality. The higher the score, the better the image quality.

    UNESCO Archives Portal -
    address: 7 Place de Fontenoy, 75007
    tel.: +33 1 45 68 10 00
    More than 8000 links worldwide.

    Mazwai -
    Free video clips and photos.

    France -
    address: 3, rue Sainte Lucie, 75015
    Alliance Biblique Française.

    Pingsta -
    Experts in various fields.

    FATF -
    The Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering.

    UNESCO -
    address: 7 Place de Fontenoy, 75007
    tel.: +33 1 45 68 10 00
    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

    Radiooooo -
    address: 26, rue Richer, 75009
    Choose a country on the map and a year, listen to the typical songs of that time, you can choose slow, fast weird.


    Music on the map with a time scale.

    How it works

    1. Choose decade of the 20th century or now.
    2. Click the country on the map.
    3. Listen to the music of the selected country of the selected era.
    4. You can set the pace slow, fast weird (slow, fast, strange music).
    It turns out like a radio station of music that you like.

    English-Attack -
    address: 75 Rue de Lourmel, 75015
    Learn English through movies.


    The creators of the "English attack" saw young people from 13 to 25 as their target audience.
    And so they decided to apply the principle of learning through entertainment. Most of the materials here are based on popular music videos, fragments from blockbusters and hit TV series, casual games. In addition, to create the necessary language environment, the functionality that is characteristic of social services is used: wiki, chat, friends lists, personal messages, etc.

    Both the teachers and users participate in the content filling in the site. But, of course, we should remember that this service can not be considered as the main means of training, rather, it is a pleasant and useful addition to something more solid.

    Skyrock -
    Social network in French-speaking countries.

    Deezer -
    In fact it is the search engine of music, but with its well-integrated player.


    As a matter of fact it is a search engine of music, but with its well-integrated player.
    It is calculated on fans of musical centers.
    In addition to the songs, you can listen to the radio streams and playlists of friends, share your audio files, read the industry news that Michael Jackson sells at the auction awards, socks with diamonds and a bunch of personal belongings and who knows who will soon put on his contextual advertising Direct.

    Paris Musées -
    Pictures of paintings and other vintage exhibits from several French museums.

    Calameo -
    Making its publication. This usually logs in electronic format.


    We make our publication. These are usually journals in electronic form.
    Besides, you can read and others. We choose according to the language, subject ... The magazine can be read online or downloaded in PDF.

    As you already understood, the advantage of the site is not only the ability to create a magazine, but to offer readers. You can create groups, communities. In short, here everything that is necessary for authors, only use.

    Dailymotion -
    address: 140 boulevard Malesherbes - 75017
    tel.: +33 1 77 35 11 00
    Video hosting HD.


    This is the 2nd most popular video hosting site, after YouTube.
    The main goal of this video hosting is not so much storage, as the exchange of video with friends and acquaintances.
    It's nice that there is a Russian version, even a domain in the RU zone bought, but it immediately redirects you to COM.

    Limit: there are no restrictions either by place or by quantity.

    Quality in high resolution.

    In addition to just a collection of videos, there are:

    • Videos,
    • channels,
    • movies and TV,
    • communities,
    • subscription.
    Just go through the menu and everything will become clear.


    Unfortunately, the service is able to navigate only in the Western world:
    1. 2011 is blocked in Kazakhstan.
    2. 2012 is blocked in India. Then, only access to the URL containing pirated content is blocked.
    3. 2017 blocked in Russia on the complaint of the channel Friday! due to copyright infringement.

    Autolib' -
    tel.: +__01 58 34 44 10
    Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon

    UIA -
    International Union of Architects.

    Netvibes -
    Start page.


    Of the services of greatest interest is Netvibes.
    I will only say that this is the world's leading service with the support of the Russian language.
    You can move panels, add, remove ... (details).

    If you use the leading services Web 2.0, then click here.