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Owner: STANDS4 Network
Used: YouTube.

address: USA


Social project with lyrics.
Search for artists and song names. You can search in alphabetical order.

On the page of the YouTube player song, for convenience, there are other songs from the album, links to users who like this song, adding it to a personal playlist, a concert calendar with links to online sales points Tickets to them.



Lyrics mode

More than 650 thousand songs from 25 thousand performers.
There is a widget with which the user can "hang out" the text from the repository on his website or blog. The most popular songs have video clips.

The Text on request function works. Users are allowed to add missing materials and discuss existing ones. Such comments are called Meanings, since they are just about the meaning of the words of a song. By the way, the developers thought about those who prefer mobile devices, and provided a special version for them.

A large collection of lyrics.

The site is incredible simple.
It is simply impossible to invent.

Go and get the menu:

  1. search,
  2. new
  3. popular.
Here is a site.