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  1. - YouTube channel Preparing for the exam in physics - A graduate of Moscow State University and a Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences talks about the theory and examines problems. In open access, not everything, but what is there, can greatly help.
  2. - YouTube channel Skill up - Lectures on physics and problem analysis.
  3. - Physics | Preparing for the exam 2018 - 19 webinars online school Foxford.
  4. - Interactive Physics Tutorial - 58 lectures from the online school Foxford, which are taught by lecturers at Moscow State University, MIPT and HSE.
  5. - Courses from MIPT - 12 videos with the analysis of tasks from the teachers of MIPT.

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Owner: MSU

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The project of the Department of General Nuclear Physics of the Physics Department of Moscow State University. Lectures on physics and a separate section for schoolchildren "Popular about science".


Gravity Points

The center of gravity, a simple game.
The arrows run on the field and they aspire to the center of gravity, but it does not.
We click and get a certain body, a ball, a center of gravity around which the dashes start to be worn.
We click somewhere else and we get 2 centers and dashes start to rush between them. And so on.

The points themselves slowly tend to the center and are attracted to each other, merging form a larger sphere, which attracts a smaller one, etc.
Here is such a physics.


Educational resource in physics and mathematics for schoolchildren and teachers.

GetAClass offers to schoolboys:

  1. Interesting and understandable video tutorials on physics and mathematics;
  2. Summaries with the most important to each video lesson;
  3. In the near future simulators for learning to solve problems.

    For teachers on GetAClass there are:

    1. Interesting and understandable video lessons and other methodical materials on physics and mathematics that can be used to prepare and conduct lessons in school;
    2. Tools for compiling online assignments for your students and online checking their level of knowledge;
    3. A large number of problems in physics, including tasks on OGE and USE.


A club for physics teachers, students of grades 7-9 and their parents.

Children Science

The purpose of the courses is to develop interest in the subject and to learn, if the learning process captures, then the result will be.

The enthusiasm for the subject begins with interesting questions and a good storyteller. Because the courses are copyright, and the main element is video lessons with live teachers and scientists recognized as masters of their craft.

The service cooperates with the school "Intellectual", one of the best Moscow multi-disciplinary schools.