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Czech lessons with Czech

16 Czech lessons with a native speaker on Russian-language YouTube.
On the channel you will also find conversational Czech courses and a lot of life hacking for those who want to move.

Czech with Nemo

The goal is to quickly and confidently master the most common words in the Czech language.

High sound quality allows you to clearly hear every Czech word pronounced by a native speaker.
The sound is downloaded to your device and is available offline or airplane mode.


This application for learning Czech is fully accessible in Russian and 10 other languages.

Nemo helps you learn the words and phrases that are used most often in a conversation.
For entry-level students, we have prepared the sections “If you learn only 10 phrases”, “If you learn only 50 phrases” and “If you learn only 100 phrases”, which allow you to quickly learn the basics of the language.
Intermediate students can begin to learn the frequently used words needed for travel or business meetings.
In a month, the knowledge gained will allow you to have a conversation in Czech. Advanced students will benefit most from the Studio of Recording, which will help get rid of the accent.

Nemo allows you to customize the cards to improve the necessary language skills.
Before starting to learn a new topic, set up cards for the exercise in translating words from Czech to Russian. This will allow you to get acquainted with the new vocabulary.
Then check your memory and pronunciation by switching the cards from Russian to Czech.
For maximum results, switch to cards that train your ability to perceive the language by ear and help correct pronunciation.

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Czech online

Video Course GoStudy "Czech online".

Monthly course for beginners.
The program will allow to communicate on simple topics such as shopping, ask how to get ...