Learn Korean

Used: YouTube.
address: Russia

Lena’s RukoTV

Video lessons of the Korean Russian girl who moved to Korea and lived there in 10 years.

address: Russia


Online tutorial, which contains lessons for different levels of Korean language proficiency.

The site is based on materials from the National Institute of International Education of the Republic of Korea textbooks, materials from Korean Won Gwan textbooks, Korean Korean Self-Teacher (K. B. Kurotchenko, M. V. Leonov), Verkholyak textbook, Yonse University grammar materials, were also used. and materials from the missing Koreanbook site.

Audio and video materials are provided for informational purposes, as a supplement to Korean language lessons.

Sejong Korean Vocabulary

Free application to learn Korean Sejong dictionary, developed by the King Sejong Foundation for primary and secondary school students from around the world.

Try to learn basic vocabulary (1700) and intermediate vocabulary (3000), as well as collect word cards (1600) and crop cards (200)

4 languages are supported (Korean, Chinese, English and Spanish).

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