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Learn German

  1. youtube.com/channel/UCv40qnzdbQOnsbj - YouTube channel of Alexander Becker - Tips for learning the language from the teacher, who in the course talks about life in Germany.
  2. youtube.com/playlist?list=PL66DIGaeg - Polyglot. Learn German in 16 hours - Video tutorials from the polyglot Dmitry Petrov.
  3. youtube.com/channel/UCbxb2fqe9oNgglA - YouTube channel Easy German - Channel about German language and German culture.


Portal for those wishing to move to German-speaking countries to study or work.

4 levels of German language courses.

The project is funded by the European Commission.

Deutsch Interaktiv

Free online language course.
The free online language course is aimed at learning German at levels from A1 to B1 of the “Single European Language Standard”.

Audio and video can improve listening skills.
With 750 interactive exercises and tests, you can immediately test your knowledge.
A variety of tasks, grammar reference, vocabulary, containing more than 7000 words, and pronunciation training greatly facilitate self-study.

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