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English-speaking Bible schools

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Youth With A Mission

The most simple and practical biblical school with missionary practice.

The original goal is the spread of the gospel by the youth.

The main school is the Discipleship Training School (DTS). Normally the school lasts ~ 3 months. The purpose of which is to update the foundations of the Christian doctrine, to rally the team for a missionary trip. Students pray and receive direction from God, where to go with the mission. A missionary trip usually lasts 1-3 months. It can be to any country in the world.

As a rule, the direction of the missionary trip has already been determined, and the students determine from a number of options.

It's just that someone already went there (front mission), collected important information, determined the strategy of prayer and then prayed for a while for this place.

Stay in school is paid by the students themselves. The base provides the most inexpensive accommodation and meals. Missionary trip must be paid separately, depending on the chosen route.

I studied at this school and then studied at Calvary Bible Institute. This school of knowledge is much easier, but the final result is not weaker, because it is 100% practical.

MSM also has other biblical schools: prayer schools, training pastors ... But DTS is an obligatory first step.

MSM works in almost all countries of the world, including Russia, Ukraine .... The mission consists of 18,000 employees, supporting the work of 1100 offices.


Рremier internet provider of online streaming Christian radio broadcasts and programs.
Listen to your favorite Christian speakers, authors, and pastors including Dr. David Jeremiah, Kay Arthur, Charles Stanley, R.C. Sproul, Greg Laurie, Adrian Rogers, Beth Moore, and many more.
Search audio broadcasts by topic to find sermons and messages on issues important to you including Christian living, Bible study, salvation, marriage, prayer, Jesus Christ, parenting, and many more.
Stay connected with your favorite radio broadcast ministries through daily devotional newsletters and download their latest programs and shows to your MP3 player.

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Third Millennium Ministries

The training center, whose task is to prepare materials for biblical schools. These materials are available for anyone. So if you do not need a diploma, you can use this site.


  1. video features,
  2. audio,
  3. tutorials,
  4. audio sermons and lectures,
  5. Lesson texts,
  6. books,
  7. journal articles,
  8. answers to a wide range of questions,
  9. There are also special sections dedicated to Paul's epistles and worship.


Sunday School for children.
There is an online version, which is more like the usual activities for children.
There are mobile applications - more game form of training.

Mobile version contains

  1. crossword puzzles,
  2. coloring pages,
  3. sea battle, restore the text and get points for speed,
  4. insert the missing words, dragging to their place pictures,
  5. Looking for hidden words,
  6. arrange words and letters in order,
  7. We burst the balls for text input, gaining more points for a certain color,
  8. A lot of fun options for choosing the right answers.

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Used: YouTube.

WVBS Online Bible School

A division of World Video Bible School.
Free (at the moment) bible video courses online.
It's not just a record of a good lecture of the Bible school, but a professional, quality visual video.

Dallas Theological Seminary

A well-known seminary with its theological works.