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  1. - Paris Musées - Pictures of paintings and other vintage exhibits from several French museums.

Peterhof, by state museum-reserve

Peterhof, the state museum-reserve.
Official site.
Very decent site. Here you will find all you need - prices, how to get there, history, calendar of events. I must say that the entrance fee is paid only in the summer, when fountains work.

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Peterhof, by state museum-reserve

The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum

The Kremlin is not just a museum, but a group of museums.

The site will help you navigate and determine exactly what you are most interested in visiting.
You can see the exhibitions calendar, buy tickets.

And material. Not every day we are in Moscow, but here you can see something in the photo and video.

In short, this is the official and full-fledged site of the Moscow Kremlin.

Virtual Museum of Russian Art Yuri Traysmana

Virtual Museum of Russian Art by Yuri Traisman.

The State Hermitage Museum

The main museum of Russia has a website that allows you to learn about special events - exhibitions, buy a ticket or souvenirs.

  1. Total area - 233,345 square meters. m
  2. Works of art and applied art - 1 013 653
  3. Monuments to numismatics - 1 125 623
  4. Other exhibits - 212,775
  5. Archaeological sites - 784 395
  6. Weapons - 13 982
The museum is very large, in fact, this is a group of museums. The site will help to navigate and plan which part you will be most interested in visiting or from which to start, depends on your preferences and time.



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address: France, Paris


Paris has many museums and therefore it is obvious that a map can be useful here.
The site does not have Russian, there are French, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Korean.

GULAG History Museum

The official website of the Gulag Museum.

On the site you can find out what to expect from visiting the museum, where it is located, contacts.
However, if you do not have the opportunity to visit Moscow, the site has a lot of important information.


  • Exhibitions,
  • catalog of museums, galleries, antique salons,
  • auctions,
  • festivals,
  • film shows,
  • master classes,
  • calendar of major exhibitions and auctions in Moscow, as well as events involving Russian art all over the world,
  • objective, detailed and conveniently structured information about art museums, exhibition centers, Funds, auction houses, galleries and antique salons Moscow,
  • art map of the center of Moscow.


address: Russia

World museums

World museums and paintings by famous artists.

The site will help you to get acquainted with the museums of the world.

You will learn the features, the best works, what where to look.
This site will help you decide where to go or prepare for a trip to Paris or St. Petersburg ...


The State Museum of the Netherlands is the main museum of Netherlands.
Digitized 125 thousand works and posted on Internet. The exhibits are presented in good quality, for example, the painting by Jan Vermeer "The Love Letter" ("De Liefdesbrief", 1669) is available for downloading in the size of 2068 by 2400 pixels with a resolution of 300 dots per inch and a color depth of 24 bits.
The user who downloads pictures, agrees not to use the images for commercial purposes.
However, each of them can be purchased for commercial use in even better quality.

According to the director of the collections of the State Museum, Taco Dibbitts, who gave an interview to The New York Times, the refusal to protect digital images was dictated The fact that most of the exhibits are in the public domain, and it is still too difficult to trace the violation of rights on Internet.
"So let people work better with the digitized picture of Milkmaid Vermeer in good quality from the museum's website than with a bad copy," he said. According to DiBittz, the museum plans to digitize each year additionally 40 thousand exhibits from the nearly million meeting of the Rijksmuseum.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Museum online.
It is good that there is a Russian version of the site. It is known the time (1881-1904) and the place of life of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson - London, Baker Street, 221.
The English created a museum where they recreated the atmosphere of that time.
Not behind the latest trends, his administration made sure that the site had access to the panoramas of its halls, and also posted a 10-minute video about this sights of the British capital.
sherlock holmes