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Online cinema.


  1. Windows XP and above,
  2. Intel Pentium III 550 Mhz and above,
  3. Internet Explorer 7.0 and above,
  4. SilverLight plug-in for Internet Explorer,
  5. Windows compatible sound card,
  6. Internet channel not below 1 megabit.
Free of charge more than 500 classic movies. Among the available films will be both novelties and classics, for example, the works of Sergei Eisenstein, Ivan Pyriev, Gregory Alexandrov.

In addition to the films, the portal will also be available television series: 'Eternal Call', 'Adjutant of His Excellency', Change and others. The site will be made in Russian and English, all films will also have subtitles in both languages.


  1. through one of two virtual cinemas, on which films will be displayed according to the schedule. At the initial stage, this way of viewing will be free for the consumer, and the display will be accompanied by advertising.
  2. Viewing for 25 rubles - in this case, the user will be able to view it at any convenient time, the functions of rewinding and pause will be available.
  3. Download for $65 and then watch it on your computer an unlimited number of times.
Movies will be set at a bit rate of 1-1.5Mbps, high-definition video (HDTV) and video for mobile phones. In this case, the files will be protected from copying by DRM technology.


Russian - Englesh

reliable site

Owner: Mosfilm
Used: YouTube.
address: Russia

YouTube - Mosfilm

Mosfilm posted the classics on YouTube for free viewing.
The channel features full versions of many famous films. Already available for viewing are such tapes as "Mirror", "Mimino", "Flying Cranes", "Circus", "Viy", "Station for Two" and "Diamond Arm." All pictures will be available to users in Good quality, the authors of the project note. Films are provided with subtitles in English so that foreign audiences can watch them.

The collection of films will be replenished weekly for five paintings.