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Cloud Office.
MS Office .DOCX, .XLSX and .PPTX formats are supported, as well as earlier versions: .DOC, .XLS and .PPT.

Documents work online on computers and smartphones.
If necessary, you can return a previous version of the file from the cloud.


  • Viewing documents.
  • Document editing.
  • Creating documents
  • Collaborative editing. This requires sharing access to the document.
    Set up access/Share/Copy the link and send it to the partner.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an office online.
You can create documents and folders. The access level is set to folders. You can close only for yourself or "share" "- put open access for joint creativity.

A great office combine for working with documents and spreadsheets. It is able to replace Microsoft Word and Excel in most cases.
Has a tight integration with the online software Google Mail (Gmail) and Groups.
Also using Google Docs, you can check Russian spelling and update your blog.

Supports the .docx format (modern Microsoft Office format).
Also supports .DOC, .ODT, XLS, .ODS, .PPT, .CSV, .HTML, .TXT, .RTF and others. It is also used as a file storage for files of any formats.

  • Russian is, plus spelling checker,
  • Place - 1 Gb for free,
  • Limit - 1 file 250 Mb
  • Ability to use as a file storage for files of any formats,
  • There is a paid account - from $20 per year.

Access without registration

It is possible to make documents open to everyone.
Documents are not indexed and not displayed in the Google search engine, but if you make public access, Who knows the address of the link.

The convenience is that a person does not have to register to see your documents that you want to show him.Google Cloud Connect will connect Microsoft Office and Google DocsSource

Google has recently released a plug-in, allow The Google Cloud Connect plug-in allows multiple people to work with just one Microsoft Office document - Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

After installing the plugin, it will request data to authorize the user on the pages of the Google Docs service. After that, a special toolbar appears in the Microsoft Office application window, which allows you to perform two actions at once. First of all, it is to edit documents from Google Docs in the Microsoft Office window without any extra effort.
The system will allow you to synchronize the changes made in the Microsoft Office window with the document that is located on Google Docs pages in one click. Besides, the Google Cloud Connect plug-in will allow you to configure the multiuser mode of the document.

You can edit Google Docs documents offline, without connecting to Internet.
At the first connection, the system synchronizes the data with the online file storage.
This can also be done manually using the buttons located on the toolbar.

The Google Cloud Connect plugin makes working with the Google Docs online office even easier and more convenient.
Work principles and general document management capabilities are the same as in the office suite of Microsoft Office, in fact, whose capabilities and uses the Google Cloud Connect plug-in.
The appearance of this plugin is another advantage of Google's online tools.

On this clip you can see how the plug-in works.

Google Docs on Android

By the way, On Android it makes sense to keep this application only if you actively use it and keep the documents on the Google disk.
Otherwise, there are better offices for Android.
  1. Google Docs
  2. Google Sheets
  3. Google Presentations
  4. Google PDF Viewer

iTunes Android


What is this?

For you, for free, no limit on the period of use is allocated 5 Gb. You can upload your documents, create a file structure. Can be shared or private for each file.

Direct link to folders on OneDrive

Each folder in the OneDrive service has its own web address that can be sent in an e-mail message, inserted into a document, added to favorites, saved as a shortcut, etc.
  • All for free,
  • 25 GB of space is provided,
  • The maximum file size is 300 Mb,
  • You can upload 5 files,
  • Create a file structure,
  • ,
  • Get a link to a single file,
  • 3 levels of access - personal, friends, public.

iTunes Android


Publish, store and exchange text documents.
Allows you to publish and store files of more than 100 formats, among which of course there are the most common: doc, docx, xls, ppt, rtf, pdf and many others.
Its essence is this site is an analogue of popular video publishing services, only for documents.
There is support for OpenID.
To date, there is no analogue of this kind of project.

You can upload your file immediately after opening the site, But in order not to lose control over it after 30 minutes, it will still be necessary either to dawn istrirovatsya or authorize (have an OpenID support). After that, the system will offer to provide it with a correct name and description, tags, place in a suitable thematic category, select a viewing mode (simple or slides). Finally, you need to specify access options and privacy: do you hide the file from other visitors? If not, it will be available in the general directory. Do you allow it to download, print, copy content from it? By the way, downloading the file from the service will be possible not only in the original format, but also in pdf or txt.

After the publication, DocMe will give a link to the page where the document will be available for viewing (in addition it will appear on the page "My documents "). It also allows you to get HTML code for document integration on other sites. Browsing is via Adobe Flash 10. By the way, the service supports not only deletion of documents, but also updating them with new versions, which allows you to keep information up to date without having to get new links/code.


We upload documents in the formats PDF, PS, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPS, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, SXW, ODS, SXC, TXT, RTF, all formats of OpenDocument and StarOffice documents.
The visitor does not need to download and view them In the corresponding program, and suddenly it does not.
A special Flash program will show him any of these files.

Something similar is on YouTube - we load videos in different formats and all of them are played by one player.
Another "borrowed" from YouTube - codes that allow you to insert it on the pages of sites and blogs.

After downloading

  • we determine how the document will look: as one Sheet, book, slideshow or tile,
  • define the category,
  • give a description,
  • give the access level, its rights,
  • determine in which format the visitors can download the document: DOC, PDF, TXT.
  • we allow or not comments,
  • we can specify the language, author, publisher, url of the source ...
Well, everything else inherent in social networks is present.

iTunes Android