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  1. - YouTube channel Informatic BU - Analysis of tasks of subscribers, including EGE
  2. - Interactive textbook on computer science - 206 lectures on computer science from Foxford online school. The classes are taught by teachers from Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and the Higher School of Economics.
  3. - Informatics | Preparing for the exam 2018 - 70 videos of tasks of the Unified State Exam.
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address: Russia

Archive of tasks with the checking system.

Russia's largest archive of programming tasks with an automatic testing system.
The main source of tasks for the archive is the competitions of the Ural Federal University, the Urals Championships, the Ural ICPC quarterfinals, the Petrozavodsk programming fees.
To start solving problems, read the manual.

Timus Online Judge allows you to take part in the online versions of most of the competitions, which are regularly held in the Ural Federal University. Before participating in online competitions, read the rules of their conduct.

The site was created and maintained by students and graduates of the Ural Federal University.



address: Russia

EGE in computer science

Many materials on the theory and practice of programming.

In EGE tasks, several solutions are offered, and then they analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each.