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Culinary video will help you learn how to cook well, tasty and correctly. This is primarily a magazine, and a website and video are business development.
The journal is journalism, so here we rely more on information. This is for those who like to learn new things.
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The community of sushi lovers.
Recipes of sushi, rolls, sashimi, onigiri, oso-zusi, gunkany, temaki, futomaki, uramaki and ingredients from which our favorite sushi and rolls are prepared.
  • Everyone can share
  • reviews about visiting Japanese restaurants,
  • opinions about land delivery services, etc.
  • post photos of own sushi or made at visiting Japanese restaurants, as well as photos of sushi from delivery restaurants.
  • post recipes for own sushi,
  • share their impressions, opinions, reviews of visits to Japanese restaurants. These reviews create a rating of restaurants.

Russian - Englesh
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Talerka in Belarusian plate - possible borrowing from the Polish language, where the Polish 'talerz', in turn (according to M. Fasmer) goes back to the Latin 'taliare' (cut). According to NM Shansky, originally a plate was called a cut piece of a board (for food).

Designer Andrey Azarov, along with his wife and son, collect recipes and upload them on the site with photos, and more recently with the author's videotape. Andrei explains: 'This project is valuable in that it demonstrates the abilities of ordinary people who learn how to cook and treat food correctly.'

Recipes distributed among countries - Italian cuisine, Greek ...

Lovely big photos Dishes, nothing superfluous.

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Internet portal: recipes, video recipes, salad recipes, useful tips, culinary articles.
A collection of culinary recipes with photos, video instructions and cooking tips. The recipes themselves are stored on YouTube or other videohostings.