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Social authorization online


  1. - Auth-authorization - The protocol for authorizing third-party software and web services to work with user data through various Yandex APIs.


  1. - Sign in with Facebook - Log in via Facebook for your applications and websites.
  2.Авториз - Authorization Client Applications - Authorization via VK.
  3. - Authorization Oauth - Authorization through Classmates.
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reliable site

Owner: Yandex
address: Russia


This is an authentication system that provides unified access to popular WEB services. Using the Loginza account, you can visit a large number of sites of blogs and forums that support the OpenID input and the Loginza widget - which means you do not need to go through the same type of registration on each resource And monitor the relevance of contact and other profile information on each of the sites.


reliable site

Owner: Yandex

tel.: 8 800 333-96-39
address: Russia

Social profiles

We can log in to Yandex without registering and entering a password through an account on the social network VK, Odnoklassniki,, Facebook, Twitter or Google.
To do this, just click the logo of your social network on the input form.

Social profiles


This service allows you to log in using a different account:
  1. VK
  2. Classmates
  4. Facebook

  5. Twitter
  6. Google
  7. Yandex
  8. LiveJournal
  9. OpenID
  10. Last FM
  11. LinkedIn
  12. Live ID
  13. SoundCloud
  14. Stream
  15. FlickR
  16. Vimeo
  17. YouTube
  18. WebMoney
Surely the user has already logged into one of them and he does not even have to enter a login and password.

Authorization via VK

Authorization via Classmates

Authorization via Facebook
Click "Create a new Application "and on the go.

Authorization through Yandex more details

Authorization via Twitter