Ph4 / Ukraine

Ph4 / Ukraine

Citroen -
All-Ukrainian club owners Citroen C.

Chevrolet Cruze -
Chevrolet Cruze Club. -
tel.: +380 99 034-52-92
Congratulations: poetry and prose.


Poems and prose.

Music and voice greetings on the phone.

Copying materials is allowed only with the active link to the site.

Dvasongs -
Christian songs with chords.


Christian songs with chords.
More than 6000 texts with chords, notes and words of Christian songs of glorification, religious songs of Christian groups and performers, a constantly updated song database for fans of Christian music. There are songs that you can listen to. When you hover the chord, you can see a diagram of how to take it on the guitar, which will be practical for beginners.

EmailFuture -
Free send emails to the future.


Free send emails to the future.
It can be a reminder within half an hour or a message to the future in 10 years.

Emmanuel TV -
tel.: +234 808 080-00-44

The largest Christian television network in Africa, Nigeria.


The largest Christian television network in Africa, Nigeria. Founded by T.B. Joshua, the pastor of the synagogue, the church of all nations (SCOAN), in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ice Hockey Federation of Ukraine.

Fiat -
Fiat Clube Ukraine.

Ford Fiesta -
Fiesta Clube Ukraine.

Filin -
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals.


The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals.
The goal is a handy and colorful guide to a diverse and rich species of the kingdom of multicellular animals of our planet.
Thousands of animal species are already listed in the catalog of the site and we can find out brief information about many of them. And of course you can see a detailed classification of the animal kingdom.

Suitcase -
One of the most extensive forums concerning various aspects of life and work abroad.


One of the most extensive forums concerning various aspects of life and work abroad. There are both sections on individual aspects of foreign life (business, real estate, politics), as well as sections on the discussion of life in individual countries: there are more than thirty of them.

Honda -
Honda Mafia.

Hosting Farm -
250 Mb of space, up to 10 sites on the account, hosting control panel, domain for free, adding their own domains, 2 MySQL databases, PHP 5, PERL 5.8, MySQL 5 Zend Optimizer, Crontab, .htaccess.

Hyundai -
Hyundai Club.

InstalGod -
tel.: +380 68 804 8256

Forums on Invictory -

Internet Zone -
Free programs, services.

Radіo Channel Thank you -

Klava -
Keyboard simulators.


Keyboard simulator.
Simple, easy. There is no registration, we go and immediately for the case.


  1. Russian initial,
  2. Russian advanced,
  3. English initial,
  4. English advanced.

Keyboard Online -
tel.: +44 531-53-31
Virtual keyboard.


Virtual keyboard - Russian, Ukrainian, English, Belarusian, German, French, Italian, Spanish.

Ukraine -

Latin American Economic System.

Daewoo Lanos -

Daewoo Lanos -
Lanos club.

LiveUkraine -
Blogging social network that unites many people whose lives and interests are somehow connected with Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and many other countries, that despite all the problems of life - still together.

Dacia -
Logan-club in Ukraine.

Love Against Homosexuality -


Movement "Love Against Homosexuality", initiated by Christians.

Today there are many opinions about what homosexuality is. But it has always been obvious to all normal people that homosexuality is a perversion. It's obvious today. If it is not so, then tell me what a perversion is. So, this is a perversion, a problem. And this must be treated, we need help from outside.

We affirm

Unicorn love does not exist!
Gay men and lesbians are not born, they become!
Getting rid of homosexuality is possible!
The homodictatorship will not work!

Stamen Maps -
Create watercolor maps of your favorite places.

Maranatha -
Search the Bible for your site.


Search the Bible for your site.
We take the code, insert the form on the site, the issue will be on the website of Maranath.

You can also take on the same page the code for highlighting the text of the Bible. That is, all of your abbreviations are in the places of the Bible like John. 3:16 in the ordinary text will become active references to the relevant places of the Bible.

Forum on Maranatha -

Mazda -
Ukrainian Mazda Club.

Mercedes-Benz -
Mercedes-Benz Club Ukraine.

Nissan Micra -
Ukrainian club of fans of Nissan Micra.

Mitsubishi -
Mitsubishi Ukrainian Club.

Mycount -


The seconds counter.
Sometimes it's just interesting, but how old are I, days, hours, minutes or seconds?
Set any date and get the result in seconds that continue to run. You can choose minutes, months, years ...
You can take a reference to us on the selected date.

FAQ - bigmir)net -

Search for God -
The search for God.


The first site presented by us on Christian topics is the most important.
This is a site for those who are looking for God, he has questions and needs answers.

1. Letter of love of the Father
God loves us. He is our Father and he wants to show us His love.

2. God changed their lives
Stories of people about a new life with God ...

3. Interview with God
"I dreamed that I was interviewing God ..."

4. Who is Jesus?
Why did Jesus exert such a great influence on the history of mankind?

5. God and You
Our relationship with God is subject to certain laws.

You just need to pray ...
Prayer is a conversation with God and the first step to knowing Him.

Quotes and sayings -


Jokes, pictures, video - jokes - bigmir) net
This is not the main thing what the portal bigmir) net, but the section is decent. Decent, it means ridiculous and therefore not obscene.

Here are jokes, funny pictures, stories, videos. In short, a good place to cheer up.

Renault -

Renault -
Renault-Club Ukraine.

Dacia -
Ukrainian Dacia Club.

Enter a link in the field from the cloud, which, as a rule, leads to the page for downloading the file. And get a direct link to download the file without going to a special page.


Enter a link in the field from the cloud, which, as a rule, leads to the page for downloading the file. And get a direct link to download the file without going to a special page.

Glas -
Purpose: to help our viewers to hear the words of truth, wisdom, goodness and truth contained in the texts of Holy Scripture, works of domestic and foreign philosophers, historians, writers and poets, in oral folk art, etc.

Fishing -
tel.: +380 67 792 2552

Another site for fishermen.


Another site for fishermen.

  • Interactive GPS map - interesting places in pictures and coordinates.
  • Popular photos - the most interesting and frequently viewed photos.
  • Personal pages - personal profile of active anglers and hunters
  • Photo reports - rest in photos and comments.
  • Forum
  • Actions and activities
  • Interesting publications and articles about fishing.
  • Recipes of dishes from fish and game.
  • Ukraine's fishing grounds.
  • Fishing and hunting terminology.

Skoda -
Skoda Club Ukraine.

Delicious -
Culinary Encyclopedia.


A universal Internet encyclopaedia of cooking, with professional 'tasty' photos, culinary online consultations of chefs of the largest restaurants (such in our country so far no one has offered) and other recognized experts in the kitchen and culinary criticism.

In the sections 'Starry Diet 'and' Star recipe 'stars share their culinary secrets, and blogs discuss both' high cuisine 'and everyday recipes.

There is a universal culinary dictionary. A separate direction of the project will be a colorful guide to cafes, bars and restaurants Kiev and all major cities Ukraine.

Server Christian songs -
Christian songs with chords.


One of the largest Russian-language resources, which hosts over 1700 texts of Christian songs, more than two-thirds of them are with chords.
A powerful cataloging system, where all songs are systematized by name, artist, language and song theme.
Anyone can add a new song.

State Tax Administration of Ukraine -

Sveet moms -
Social network for mothers, communication and exchange of experience of motherhood.

Rating TOP 10 -
Here are the most interesting ratings and tops.


Here are the most interesting ratings and tops.

Ratings mainly relate to cinema, the gaming industry, football, music, cars and, of course, cats.

JC Club -

Toyota -
Toyota Club Ukraine. -

Your baby -
All about pregnancy, childbirth and development.


Resource for modern caring mothers from all over Ukraine.

On the pages of our site you will find the most complete answers to absolutely all of your questions regarding pregnancy and childbirth, motherhood, the health of not only your baby, but of the whole family, the development of crumbs from his very birth to 7 years. Also here you will find many interactive services, contests and promotions.

All articles are written for you by the editors, who are also moms. Each of them faces the same problems and situations every day as you, constantly looking for answers to the same troubling questions that arise with you.

The Beatles in the Soviet press -
Soviet media about Beatles, 1964-1979; music publications and books.

Ukrainian Hockey League.

Uklon taxi -
tel.: +380 931 77-15-11


The service of Internet taxi order is a fully automated service in which the order is made by customers without the participation of dispatchers.


  • convenient and intuitive interface, with prompts and explanations;
  • the ability to create orders with complex routes for 3-5-10 points;
  • instantaneous calculation of the order value;
  • pre-order;
  • After registration: 5% discount, order history, order creation with the ready route (from the history).
The SMS with information about the car, time of delivery and cost is sent: At 09:57 AA #### VK DEU Lanos GREEN (8067 #######) will be submitted. 50grn. Dispatcher #######.

If the client refuses to travel, he can call the control room and cancel the order. -
Christian resources.


Super-library of resources: postcards, humor, articles, ideas for weddings, stories, comics, games, midi, MP3, illustrations, statistics, skits, phrases, ideas, hr tips. Psychologists, answers to questions, news, etc.

The number of real resources has exceeded 8.000 pieces!

We have everything -

Volkswagen -
Volkswagen Club.

WikiArt -
Photos of works of art.

WikiArt -
Visual art Encyclopedia.


Visual art Encyclopedia.
WikiArt already has some 150,000 lots from 2,500 artists. These works are in museums, universities, mayoralties and other public buildings in more than 70 countries. Most of this art is not on public display. With your active participation, the site plans to cover the entire history of the art of the Earth - from rock paintings to modern private collections.

Useful scripts Christian webmaster -
Search the Bible for your site from the famous Christian site.


Search the Bible for your site from the famous Christian site.
We put the search box and get the answer already on the site BIBLE.COM.UA.

You can also take on this same page the code for highlighting the text of the Bible. That is, all of your abbreviations are in the places of the Bible like John. 3:16 in the ordinary text will become active references to the relevant places of the Bible.

Biblical Projects -
Interlinear translation of the Old and New Testaments into Russian Vinokurova.


Interlinear translation of the Old and New Testaments into Russian Vinokurova.
The site is made in force, like 20 years ago, but it works correctly.
We press the word "Russian" or "Greek" and get a translation or a tampering in a new window.
The Old Testament is not translated from the original, but from the Greek translation of the Septuagint and is also made for the offenders.

Recovery Version in Russian -

Social network for cyclists -
You can find out all about bikes of the articles or through communication.


Get your blog, find friends.
You can find out all about bicycles from articles or through communication.
You can buy a bicycle here, but I'm not sure that there is a ducky option, just advertising. In addition, it's a Ukrainian site, so not everyo

InVictory -
tel.: +38 044 229-46-69
Christian directories.


The largest portal of Christian resources.
The only catalog of the submitted ones, which are seriously and regularly dealt with.
There are 60 sections, thousands of links to active Christian sites, forums, chat, humor, postcards, work, games, Dating, conference, shop, library ...

InVictory -
tel.: +38 044 229-46-69
Christian hits.


Christian charts.
The best Christian music.

Actually this is not a music site, but a catalog with Christian music sites. There is simply no strong leader in this field.

InVictory -
tel.: +38 044 229-46-69
The news section of the leading Christian directory you'll ever need.


News section of the leading Christian catalog runet.
Megaportal cooperates with many Christian media, which allows you to quickly collect interesting and up-to-date information. -
tel.: +38 044 229-46-69
The magazine and its materials are read by more than 7,000 Russian-speaking Christians around the world.


The magazine and its materials are read by over 7,000 Russian-speaking Christians around the world.

On the site you can subscribe or read electronically for free.

InVictory -
tel.: +44 845 845-40-401
Christian Internet television.


The first Christian Internet TV.
I found that the speed of the stream is smaller and will suit people with a slower Internet speed. Clearly, quality suffers in this.
You can choose between these channels by content. Based on who you want to listen to.

People InVictory -
Christian dating.


Christian dating for Christians around the world with a large base!
Free account is very scanty, only 1 photo and 3 people in the selected.


Peace to you brothers and sisters!

Now we are the Shegyan family, Arthur and Gayana! A huge desire to heart to share with you our joy! Exactly one and a half years ago, on the blessed site "" we met each other. I was in Uzbekistan, worked, served the Lord, believed and prayed for my wife, who would love the Lord and correspond to me, as written in the Scripture.

Gayana was at that time in Russia, in the city of Yekaterinburg, where she studied in the Bible College, served and worked, although she also came from Uzbekistan. On January 9, 2009, I received a short letter with only one word - hello. Only one Lord knew that this was the first word of my future wife! We began to closely communicate, correspond with this site, as well as through ICQ and mail-agent. I do not know how it happened, but on the fourth week of our communication, we confessed to each other in love! Many did not understand this development of the relationship, but only our Lord multiplied love in us! We could only see each other from photos, through video files, to hear on the phone. Discussed various topics of family life, raised important issues that every young couple needs to know before marriage, read Christian literature on marriage, took fasting and praying, and looked for the Lord!

Six months later Gayan flew to Tashkent airport, where I met her. This was our first meeting! And, Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus, this is a fairy tale, we liked each other even more than in photos! And immediately together with Gayana I went to her hometown - Samarkand gets acquainted with parents and ask the hands of their daughter. On the way to Samarkand, we could not look at each other, as if we had been in love all our lives, but we were separated. In Samarkand, we set a date for the matchmaking (for Armenians - nushan) and after a month in July we got engaged. And it seemed that soon the wedding would take place, but the plans changed, I had to move to Russia, since all my relatives had already lived there for a long time. Having received the blessing from my native church in the city of Angren to leave the world, I left for Russia in September 2009. Again, the time, the distance distanced us ... again communication through ICQ and mail-agent, it was very hard, we were so tired of being separated for a long time, dreamed of leaving our testimony on your site as soon as possible about how wonderful the Lord is! Only He alone was able to preserve our relationship, we realized that loving the Lord, called according to His purpose, promotes everything for the good. It became clear to us that this time the Lord gave us for additional preparation for family life and now, being married, we feel immense joy and happiness that we are finally together. Glory to Jesus!

In 9 months I came to Uzbekistan to marry! On May 30, 2010, a wedding was held in the church of Angren, and on June 5, 2010, a wedding in Samarkand!

In conclusion, we would like to tell everyone who wants to create a family. We know many brothers and sisters in Christ, waiting for their 'halves'! Be patient, trust in the Lord, believe that He is omnipotent, able to arrange your personal life! We love you very much, we pray and bless you, let our witness be to you the encouragement of God's glory and His infinite love!

With love in Christ Jesus, the Shegyan family!

Blessing - Torrent blessings -

Visicom -
More online maps.


Online maps of Ukraine, no images from space, but the advantage over Google.Maps - detailed maps of Ukraine.


  • You can specify a search,
  • measure the distance,
  • route,
  • search in the directory,
  • insert the map into the site, as you see below.

E-book of memory of Ukraine -

MetaVebmaster -
Ukrainian reference book. This requires registration. -
Ukrainian reference book. This requires registration. -
Search the online catalog of Christian churches and associations.


A searchable online catalog of Christian churches and associations.
Here is a detailed catalog (more than 4,000 churches), but the amount of information on churches depends on how much they have contributed.

The catalog is conveniently structured, according to confessions or geographically. There is a search. So find that we need not be difficult. If only the required church was in this directory.

If your church is not here, you can always Add a church

Invictory -
Leading Christian portal.

Maranatha -
Christian directories.


Christian forum, chat, Bible, biblical dictionary, Christian literature, scenes ...
Bible with a search.
Christian news, gallery of holy places.
Christian forum, chat, postcards, addresses of churches.

Bus schedule in Ukraine -
Bus schedules of Ukraine and Crimea.


Bus schedules of Ukraine and Crimea.

Detailed bus schedule for the next 10 days.
The cost of bus tickets.
Systems for ordering, selling and booking bus tickets.

Liveuamap -
Interactive map of military operations in Ukraine.


Interactive map of military operations in Ukraine.

Chevrolet Captiva -
Chevrolet Captiva (Chevrolet Captiva) Club.

KIA cee'd -
Cee'd club.

Hohli -
Charts on the website.


About the same, only easier, without registration. The user has all the standard charts. Specify the data and customize the appearance - get a diagram and code to insert on the site or blog. Cyrillic is supported.

Chevrolet Niva -
Ukrainian Car Fans Club Chevy Niva.

Bila Tserkva

Book of Memory -
552 prisoners of war who died in Bila Tserkva.


Audiko -
address: ул. Лазаряна, 2, Днепропетровская обл., 49000
Create your radio.


Makes ringtones from your favorite tracks!


Corresponding Bible School Emmaus -

The lesson consists of: a place from the Bible, lesson learning material, exam questions and final questions on the topic of the lesson.


The lesson consists of: a place from the Bible, lesson learning material, exam questions and final questions on the topic of the lesson.

The student, using the learned lesson material, gives an answer to each question posed.

Students should understand that all the episodes of the human life factors described by the Bible in the past are given to us as an example.

Course Topics

  1. The Word of God,
  2. God's Servant,
  3. One God is one way,
  4. Born to win,
  5. The people who met the Lord,
  6. The greatest of all living,
  7. What the Bible teaches,
  8. Apostle Peter and the Church,
  9. A guide to spiritual growth,
  10. A brief introduction to the Bible,
  11. The ministry of the Holy Spirit,
  12. Buried with baptism,
  13. Books of the Bible: The Book of Acts, Galatians, Romans ...


Kharkiv Airport -
address: Харьковская обл., н.п. Основа

Lardi-Trans -
address: ул. Отакара Яроша 24-б
tel.: +380 (44) 20-999-60
Determine the distance.


The determinant of distances. Russia and Europe

City 1:
City 2:
City through:
Minimum time
The minimum distance
Use reserved
routes for freight transport
Do not leave the country
Exclude ferries

Новый христианский -
address: ул. Державинская, 2, 252
International interdenominational satellite television channel.


International inter-confessional 24-hour satellite television channel, which broadcasts, to more than 50 countries around the world.


Khristiyanske radio 'Voice of Hope' -
address: вул. Лук'янівська, 9/10А
tel.: +__0 800 30 20 20

Roomtodo -
address: 04071, ул. Щекавицкая, 30/39, оф. 138
tel.: +38 093 093-10-80
Planning furniture.


This is a domestic development, designed for new settlers and planning to renovate the premises. The project works directly in the browser and stores the result on the server. If desired, the resulting design can be published on Facebook or embedded into your site (like a YouTube movie). The program has a simple intuitive interface and the whole process of work is more like a game than working with professional software, while the picture is obtained Pretty enough.

There are 4 modes:

  1. construction (for building walls),
  2. 2D,
  3. 3D,
  4. first-person mode, which allows you to walk through the interior, controlling the camera with the help of Mouse and keyboard, as in modern shooters.
In Roomtodo there is not yet an opportunity to add your objects (developers promise that this function will appear), but if you are not a professional interior designer, then the available catalog is enough to create interiors of different styles.

The catalog has furniture, plumbing fixtures, lamps, various decorations and coatings for walls and floors, as well as structural elements (windows, doors, columns, stairs, etc.).

There are also materials and objects for the infield, but it is obvious that the main application for Roomtodo is the interior.

Suncalc -
Time Zones.


Solar calculator.
Shows the trajectory of the movement of the sun and the phase of illumination during the day (and a couple of pleasant little things) on the map for the selected place and date.

Svitle -
address: 01010, а/с 79, радіо "Еммануїл"
tel.: +38 (044) 254 51 30

Round the clock Word, psalms, communication, author's programs.

The site of the All-Ukrainian Union of Baptist Churches -
address: ул. Л. Толстого, 3-Б, 01004
tel.: +__067 656-80-52

CBN Emmanuil -
address: 03150, ул. Большая Васильковская 131а
tel.: +7 (800) 200-99-88, 38 044 205 52 22

Christian Internet television.


Christian television channel.
Representative of CBN and the charitable organization Operation Blessing in the CIS.

CBN - Christian Broadcasting Network (Christian Broadcasting Network) - Christian Broadcasting Corporation, headquarters Which is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was founded in 1961. Of the most famous programs are The 700 Club.

News from the leading Christian Christian World News channel.
It's nice that someone is translating them.
It's more like a podcast. That is, we go at a convenient time for us and watch the last broadcast. We can pause, look again. You can see some past programs.

The only drawback - not often updated news.

Videoprobki -
address: 01135 ул. Полтавская, д. 10, 2-й этаж
tel.: +38 044 044-17-75
Traffic jams on the webcam.


Traffic jams on Google maps.
There is a version for smartphones.
Information about traffic jams is not yet displayed for all the streets, but gradually the coverage will increase. Hopefully, the developers are not too tight with the update. Forecast traffic status on the roads on the selected day and time allows the function of Live Traffic Change.

Vozrozhdenie -
address: ул. Выборгская, 16/15
tel.: +380 (44) 303-99-77
Christian TV channel followers of the teachings of Benny Hinn.


The TV channel offers a wide variety of programs for children and young people, about the family, health, creative programs, as well as programs of spiritual themes, with which you can deepen the knowledge of Bible truths, participate in interesting life stories, go with children's heroes in exciting journeys, sink In the world of music, to learn about the events in the world and Ukraine in a positive perspective

TransSvitov Radio in Ukraine -
address: ТрансСвітове Радіо а/с 100, 02090
tel.: +380 98 661-38-78

Ukrainian portal of announcements -
address: 04071 ул. Августина Волошина 2А
tel.: +38 044 238-26-13

Institute of Church Ministry -
address: вулиця Горлівська, 75, 02000
tel.: +380 44 227 872-1
Online training on the basis of the local church.


Institute of Church Ministry in cooperation with Horizon International schools.
Online training on the basis of the local church.
The purpose of education is to prepare ministers for missionary service.
Qualitatively chosen themes of classes. Most online schools set the task to give the beginnings of knowledge, the foundation of faith ... This is not the case, it offers a deeper education, with homework that is checked manually.

Ukraine -
address: ул. Баумана, д. 18, 03190
Українське Біблійне Товариство.


address: 10 км юго-восточнее Луганска


Lviv -
address: 6 км юго-зап. г. Львов

Believers Voice of Victory -
address: Post Office Box 84 LVIV 79000
tel.: +38 032 032-01-66
Christian TV channels in English.


The victorious voice of the believer.
The television channel of the ministry of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, the ministers of faith, teaches about God's prosperity and not only.

Lviv fan club The Beatles -
Ukrainian Beatles Fan Club.


Electronic Memory Book of Ukraine (Nikolaev region) -


address: Henerala Bocharova St 56a, 19
30,000 radio stations from around the world.